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Halter Technical Microsone ships!

Matt Bacon AMPS

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Connor Cine posted some comparison photos and a little review on his facebook page.


The Microsone is the same length as a Phonak Invisity. It is slightly wider at the top to accommodate the internal lithium battery. It does not have any battery doors, dials, buttons, or anything else sticking out of it.



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Hey everyone,


I've used the Phonak/Comtek base station for years on hidden camera shows and more so it's great to try a new option.


Been testing out the Microsone for the past couple weeks with different equipment so here are my thoughts..


I haven't had any issues with the earbuds being too quiet with the different scenarios I tested.


I am using a couple different options to transmit to the earbuds.


My wireless option is a Sennheiser SKP 100 G4 plugin on a Shure PGA48 handheld. I tried to use a Shure SM58 but that handheld is too quiet and the gain is already maxed out on the SKP. The PGA48 is much louder. I wouldn't mind finding a handheld that is louder than the PGA48 so I can change the gain structure on the SKP a bit. Range is good on this setup and dialing the SKP frequency into the control pack is easy. If range ever becomes a problem, I can use a long XLR to run the SKP closer to talent. This is the minimal setup where the person talking to talent is close enough that there is no range problem 


I attempted to use these two little walkies we have in the house but the 2.5mm adapter I have doesn't work well with the plug. I did manage to get it to briefly work and could see trying to find some other walkies as another option. This scenario would be if the talent is not wearing the control pack. I am doing some research to try and find a couple walkies that are within the Microsone frequency range but haven't done a deep dive into it and Doc said they're might be some issues sending audio to the control pack from a walkie.


My last setup is the Yamaha MG06 as a way to hardline into the control pack. It also gives the person talking to talent some volume control. I can even use this to plug into the SKP. The MG06 might be used often if there is a stationary control room.


I found range to be good within my house. I could get 20' away (house size limitations so can't test further distance) within line of sight and have a solid signal. Once I walked into another room, there would be some breakup. If I used two earbuds at the same time, line of sight was still solid. I did notice a drop in range when walking into another room. If I turned one earbud off, range improved on the one still on. Outside I did notice a weaker signal with two earbuds as opposed to one. The two earbuds will start to become slightly out of sync with each other when there is breakup but two different talent aren't going to notice. 



Overall, I am thrilled with the the Microsone and the different options it allows us to send audio from the control pack to the ear buds 












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10 hours ago, Derek H said:

What kind of battery life is this system capable of? I don’t see any runtime specs anywhere on the website or in the user manual. 

Interested in it as just an IFB receiver potentially with wired headphones, what kind of battery life out of two NiMH? Two lithiums?

Each Microsone runs for 5 hours at full volume, continuous music. It recharges in the Charging Case from 0-100% in just 40 minutes.


When receiving UHF audio and retransmitting it to a Microsone, the Control Pack will run for just shy of 24 hours on lithium AA batteries. It can also be powered from its USB-C port for even longer runtime, or permanent-on power.

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That’s pretty great! Doc have you tested control pack runtime with NiMH?


 Also, have you considered selling the control pack separately?


I’m curious how the control pack compares to other IFB style receivers in terms of reception quality and range.   If the control pack is as good or better than  whatever original receiver for the particular transmitter you’re using then that’s valuable for purposes other than discrete cueing. 

For example you could  use a strong Lectro transmitter but get better battery life than an R1a and as a bonus use whatever Bluetooth ear piece you want. 

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Some information on gainstaging since this is making the rounds:


Gain staging is slightly different on the Microsone system than others. The Control Pack is looking for a 0db signal. If the transmitter feeding it is peaking at -12db, then the volume that the Microsone receives will be 12db lower than it is capable of receiving.

Also, different transmitters and different compatibility modes will have different volume levels and fidelity. Personally, I prefer the way that Lectro Mode 6, Shure PSM, and Sennheiser with Pilot Tone on sound. Lectro VHF also works great.

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