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Deity Launches a Power Distro

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Los Angeles, California - Deity Microphones is announcing the launch of the SPD-1, a powerful and versatile power distribution device designed specifically for professional sound mixers on film sets. “The SPD-1 is designed to meet the needs of both bag users and hybrid cart users,” says Andrew Jones, Deity’s Product Manager.


With its triple DC inputs, hot-swappable capabilities, and support for both smart and non-smart batteries, the SPD-1 is designed to meet the extensive and diverse needs of today's sound mixer. The 1.1” color screen displays battery telemetry data and the device measures total power consumption, making it easy for users to monitor and manage their power needs.


The SPD-1 has a durable build and features locking toggle switches, dual 1/4” threaded mounts, and a reversible mounting clip. It has a suggested operating range of 12V-18V and the easy-access 5V2A USB Type-A port provides additional charging options for users. With its six unregulated outputs, the SPD-1 provides ample power for audio devices of all types.


The SPD-1 ecosystem includes a range of cable accessories that offer unique capabilities and compatibility making it a comprehensive and adaptable setup for audio professionals. The SPD-1 ecosystem currently includes the following cables:

  • SPD-HRDC: 4-Pin Push-Power to 2.5mm Locking DC barrel jack, ideal for powering Lectrosonics devices.

  • SPD-HRISO: 4-Pin Push-Power to a ground-isolated 4-Pin Push-Power connector, designed to remove/reduce ground hum, hiss, or whine caused by power.

  • SPD-T4BATT: TA4f to Smart Battery Cup, perfect for providing power and telemetry data to the Sound Devices 833, 888, and Scorpio audio recorders.

  • SPD-HR3U: 4-Pin Push-Power to Triple USB-C, a versatile solution for powering various devices, including Deity & Sony transmitters and receivers, Deity & Tentacle timecode boxes, Android phones, and USB-C iPads. 

  • https://deitymic.com/products/spd-1-cables/

The SPD-1 power distributor and its accompanying accessories provide professional sound mixers with a centralized and reliable power source, making it the perfect solution for their setup needs. The SPD-1 is set to launch on February 9th, 2023, and will retail for $269.


For more information on the new line of professional-grade gear, please visit the Deity Microphones website at https://deitymic.com/products/spd-1/.




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I saw that too, but is that bad, 10A total? That seems pretty sufficient for a bag or small medium cart.


The Remote Audio BDSV4 is specced up to 5V globally. And I couldn't find anything about the Audioroot BG-DU besides a 2.5A per output limit.

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