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Wireless Seminar to be held Saturday, March 4th

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Education & Training

presented by the Local 695 Education Committee

Saturday, March 4th Seminars

Radio Transmission and Manufacturers presentation

The Local 695 Education Committee and LSC will conduct the following seminars on March 4th:

      1. Morning: RF theory for video and audio folks

      2. An afternoon with Lectrosonics new products

To be held at Pickwick Gardens, in Burbank.

Breakfast served and buffet lunch.

RSVP Sophie Alvarez at LSC... (818) 980 9891 Ext. 352


LSC  will be hosting

Time:  Saturday March 4th at 10 AM till 3 PM

Place: Pickwick http://www.pickwickgardens.com/sqs/dsk.aspx


Morning session:

Theory of RF transmission and operation. WE suggest you read the Lectro manual  on their website: http://lectrosonics.com/wg/wg2000.pdf before the meeting. Yea its long but its your job. Bring your questions. The theory morning session  would be educational for video assist operators who would want to understand RF theory to better operate their video transmitters. They are invited.

Afternoon session:

New sound equipment: radio mike equipment from Lectrosonics. Preview and demonstration of new kit to be announced at NAB in April.

1. The SM transmitter with the new remote control firmware.

2. The RM remote controller for the SM.

3. The UCR401 which is the digital hybrid replacement for the UCR201.

4. The UFM 230 which a full bandwidth UHF band inline RF amplifier.

5. The Venue bag system which is a folded version of the 6 channel Venue receiver system with a NP1 battery in the middle.

6. The SMd transmitter which is a two battery version of the SM transmitter.

7. The SMq transmitter which is the quarter Watt version of the SMd.

8. The UM450 which is the 1/4 Watt version of the digital hybrid UM400.

Some of this is in production, some in beta and some still in alpha.


Larry Fisher larryf@lectrosonics.com and Gordon Moore gordon@lectrosonics.com from Lectrosonics, Inc., PO Box  15900, 581 Laser Road NE, Rio Rancho, NM, 87124  Tel: 1-800-821-1121 www.lectrosonics.com


LSC, 818-980-9891 X302 Steve Joachim sjoachim@Locationsound.com

Sales Manager, will be the host. Buffet Lunch included.

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