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Zaxcom recording wireless now shipping

Guest Glenn

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Our beta testing of recording wireless is now over and we are shipping the released product. The TRX900 digital recording wireless now records audio on a 2.0gig mini SD card and provides 12 hours of uncompressed recording. The units record in a loop providing time code referenced access to the last 12 hours of recorded audio. Any bit of audio can be transferred from any location on the card. The file system is FAT32 so that PCs and MACs can both transfer audio. Zax file utilities are available for both platforms. The file system is based on Zaxcom MARF that is audio centric and totally fault tolerant. Memory cards can be physically removed or the TRX900 can be powered down while the unit is in record. The file system also eliminates the memory "burnout" problem typical of flash memory systems that write to the same location on a card too many times and exceed the life specification of the card. 

The transfer utility can output any type of BWAV file at any sample rate. The utility can also break up large files automatically in to sizes that are easier for any edit system to work with. This is necessary as 6 gig files can be generated from the original 2.0 gigs on the memory card.

For film and television production, this system provides a full backup to wireless audio transmission. Along with the elimination of intermodualtion in the RF domain it provides a great solution to the disappearing spectrum problem we now all face. The system allows more RF channels to operate within a given spectrum than that of analog RF wireless.

We will make the Zax file transfer utility available to anyone through the download section of our web site by the end of the week.

Thanks to Jeff for providing this Manufacturers forum.


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