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Sam Mallery

Rode is coming out with a lav

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Stay away from these. 


There is a little wind screen in there that comes loose, and rattles around. Makes the mic useless. I'm not the only one to have that problem. Too bad because I thought it sounded nice, and was reasonably priced. 


As for the pin mic, the new one is nothing like the old one IMHO. Too bad. I love my old ones, but I'm so afraid of losing the capsule, that I rarely use them!

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I also have had the experience that the rode lav sounds worse hidden than a cos11. Curious why I get more handling noise.

It sound good, possibly even better than the COS-11, as an externally mounted lav as it has a little better low frequency response but conversely this makes it a little muffled when hidden under clothing. This is true of both the Rode PinMic and Lav as they both have the same capsule; only the mount is different. I use the PinMic a lot in ENG and studio jobs because it looks nicer and less obvious than a clip mounted lav. Looks like a button or tiny brooch on the top. To the untrained eye it doesn't look like a mic at all.


Be careful when using these mics with other lavs particularly COS-11's as the wiring is different and the phase is flipped.

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