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Mic Pack Placement for Action in Theatre

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Hello everyone!


I am currently working on the production of a musical. I’m doing FOH. 

One of the actresses is moving a lot and on the ground where putting the mic pack on her back or anywhere around her waist seems like a bad idea. 

Any tips on where to hide the mic pack so that it’s both safe and out of sight. 

You guys are the best!!

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Yes, leg.
We had a case where the wardrobe didn't allow, so we placed in side torso, just below armpit (enough to clear the chest).


Edit: The talent was on her back for most of her scene

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Under wigs is always my go-to if at all possible - especially for Dancers or Stunters (the wigmakers need to know in advance - I have a set of wood 'dummy packs' to send to them for fittings).  Between shoulder blades works sometimes. Ursa make a nice double arm-loop strap for that now. Under the arm like a shoulder holster can be done using the same Ursa strap with an extra pouch stitched on. Both of those positions are heavily used on Athletes as well for transmitters or GPS Trackers - and there are lycra 'halter tops' made for the purpose. Also under the breast/pec works on some shows depending on costume. That's how many of the roles in 'Cats' have been done for 30-something years - but also more recent shows like 'Newsies' on performers who end up flat on their backs or tumbling. Put a foam filled pouch on the other side to keep them symmetrical!

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