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How much is a decent discount?

Ken Goodwin

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Hello I am looking for advice on selling used lavalieres. Everything works but the wear ranges from Basically New, Slightly Used, and Very Used.
What would be an average % discount on mics you've seen sold to friends and the community? I don't want to deal with shipping and eBay.




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A general level I would expect the following discounts:

15-25% Basically New (as in no visible wear)

25-40% Slightly Used (some visible wear, but minor)

40-65% Very Used (major visible wear)


But to be honest it depends on brand and model, for example
Sanken cos11d: Generally 40% for very used

DPA 4063: I've seen them go for over 60% for very used

DPA 6061: Generally 15% for basically new

Sennheiser MKE-1: Generally 40% for slightly used

Sennheiser MKE-1: Generally 65% for very used


This has been more in the online space (eBay or Facebook), so I presume if you knew the buyer or it was here you could probably get a better deal.

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I don’t buy anything used unless it’s at least 20% less than brand new. Even if it’s mint never used.  Any more than that and I’d rather buy new, have a return policy, warranty and not take the risk. 

If stuff is really rough looking but functional I’ll offer 50% or less. 


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