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I bought a used SL-6 couple of months ago but just getting around now to using it with my SRb’s. I’m use to line level +5 on my srb but with SL-6 it has to be -6 db in the slot. I’m having to set my trim around 9 o-clock with my SMQV with COZ-11 set around 18-20 db. I’m finding it to hard to find that sweet spot where the audio level isn’t too low or hitting the limiter once i go up on the trim.  Am I missing something here? Sorry if I’m not too technical on my explanations. 

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Your trim at 9 o’clock seems like it would be too low. I have SMQV which I generally set to 18 - 22 with COS11 with SRC in my SL6. My trims in my Scorpio are usually around 11 o’clock. 

Are you using a Scorpio or 688? It should be similar anyway. 

If you trim up and hitting the limiter, where is the trim pot when it hits the limiter? 

Something might not be right with the SR or the ribbon cable between SL6 and the recorder?


You can also try reducing the output in the SR itself in the output menu. 
Hope that helps. 

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