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Unknown issue on an ucr411A

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does anyone know what could be the issue on receiver below? Both receivers  are 411as block 26, both through the same antenna distro, the same antenna models,  both with new cables (and I even tried with others but the receiver from below always shows more rf pollution.


Thanks in advance,


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That is crazy but I have seen it often. I don't understand it either. Have you tried it with whips? Or maybe even just one whip on each? I chalked it up to internal component tolerance differentials, but that's a completely uneducated guess.

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I have 4  Block 22 411A's and 4 Block 21 411A's.  All have the latest software updates.   There are differences in the RF activity when I scan with Receivers 

in the same Block.  Not as drastic as what I see here though.   

I just noticed 2 things from your video.  Looks like you have UCR 411's and not the UCR 411A's.  I think the software updates only go up to

Version 3.0 on an original 411 ?   Also,  the bottom 411 in your video is right on top of your 788T.   The RF spray is hitting the bottom 

receiver harder.  The 788T had less RF spray than the 744T, but it still was noticeable.  

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