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Nagra 3 Speed Control

Seamus TM

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Hi Seamus, welcome to JWS


If you can wait a couple of days I can answer you decisively, when I'm back with my nagras and manuals.


I will say 'NO', the QSV changed quite importantly between models. Sadly (extremely sadly) my QSV2 went astray: I have a III, IV-S and IV-SJ


There are many differences from especially the III and IV/4 etc as concerns voltage vs current drive for the accessories, ... there might be a chance that the QSV units might work with simple pin reassignments but I wouldn't hold my breath.


In the meantime hold onto the QSV2 as you are more than likely able to find a simple swap for someone wanting a QSV2 who has a QSV ...




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Well many apologies Seamus, I retrieved my IV-S manuals but couldn't find mention of the differences between the QSV and QSV2 ... I remember (badly) reading somewhere though what those differences were. Probably in a 70s or 80s book or leaflet ... (one such I've just looked at simply says, for the 4.2,

"the Variateur de Vitesse is different and therefore has been supplied with a different plug so that no mistake can be made".


If I do find what I was looking for I will post it here as planned, but much of that kind of literature is in storage. Hopefully someone here who does know (there should be a few ...) will notice and explain. (Note my expected result in my first post).


Try searching elsewhere here (our longest Nagra thread is within Images of Interest) for other mentions of QSV or QSV2 or Nagra Speed Varier etc



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I recall that the whole speed control apparatus on a III was pretty different from the later Nagras.  To do resolved playback with my III I had to find a specific Kudelski resolver that only worked with the III, not later recorders, and was very different from the SLO-type resolvers.  So my guess is that a IV-series accessory like this won't work with a III?

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