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EV 644 CardioLine

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This weekend, I was at a gear swap when I stumbled across this shotgun mic from the 1960s. The ElectroVoice  644 CardioLine. The only thing I know about them is that they are a dynamic shotgun! Does anybody know anything about these?


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Oh my gosh. We had one of these at the NBC station I shot news at in the late 70's. We plugged it into our Frezzolini 16mm, mag sound cameras (with augenieux crank zoom lens). Back then I had no idea what an interference tube was but I think this has one. As I remember it had a 2-pin screw-on connector to XLR cable.


It worked better than our other microphones (EV635) at picking up distant sounds but I was a snot-nosed kid back then, fresh out of college. What did I know. I can't remember the level of self or handling noise.


Thanks for the trip through memory lane.

And it was HEAVY.

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Oh, I'm a bit late to the party, sorry ..yes, I  have one of these, and also the version with the rubber-ring 'handling-deadener', I mean isolation mount: the 642.


Surprisingly clear, effective, but no bass. Supposedly 40Hz-12kHz (..though some specs say 30-10kHz ..but I can't quite believe THAT).


As they're unpowered dynamics (ultra-cardioid) they have no 'self-noise' from internal transistors, tubes or suchlike, so you get absolute silence if no-one's speaking, or nothing nearby is making any noise. Simple, clear, a bit 'tinny' (must be the Acoustalloy® diaphragm).


Low frequency roll-off switch and variable impedance settings. Very useful, but rather dated. I rather prefer an AKG 480 with a shotgun capsule. But the 644 can withstand any amount of dropping on hard surfaces!


Oh, I forgot to mention Martin Mitchell's comprehensive page(s) about this mic:  tinyurl.com/C4rd1l1ne

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