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Statement of Purpose

Jeff Wexler

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This is a new section, or Board, added to our Discussion Group. The idea is that this section will have posts on any subject, even just rambling thoughts and observations, from any of our members who have the time and inclination to write, with the hope that others may find these musings interesting. This section can serve as a group BLOG of sorts and really can be used in any manner that seems appropriate --- we will let it evolve and see if it has a life of its own. Each post will still have to be made as a "new topic" although the posts need not really be any specific topic. It goes without saying, considering the time we may or may not have working in this business, I don't expect there to really be "daily" entries as the Board name implies...  we'll see how it all works out.

Sincerely, your host, Jeff Wexler

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I for one think it's a great addition.


Glad to have your input. I am really hoping it can be a fairly loose unstructured section that encourages the kind of personal expression, whatever may be on one's mind, and can be of interest to others even if it is a rant, preaching to the choir (as you mention) or whatever.

-  JW

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