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Do you see enshittification in the tools and services "serving" us?

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Sound devices "renting" extra channels and software plugins comes to mind.  Their prices have taken a sharp turn upwards and their business practices have taken a turn downwards since they were acquired.

It's all pretty tame compared to the examples that Doctorow has collected, but our industry isn't immune.

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AMAZING article!!!  Thanks a million for posting. Now I have a name for what we are living in, techno feudalism. I've known for a while that we are not in a true capitalist economy because corporations are not adequately regulated. Whenever people start talking about how much they hate capitalism, I point out that we are not enjoying capitalism because the regulation isn't there. I just didn't know what to call it.


I've been so divided on digital stuff. Obviously it's great to be able to call somebody from your pocket, and all the other cool things we can do with smart phones. But of course the corporations had to sully it by adding all their tracking and targeting crap, and now we're physically addicted. Forgetting your phone at home does not fly, one can't really do that these days. Even try leaving it in your bedroom when you're home and that doesn't work! I also like that the article pointed out how dismal the future looks without regulation.  Great article!


Dan Izen

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On 7/26/2023 at 11:41 AM, The Documentary Sound Guy said:

Sound devices "renting" extra channels and software plugins comes to mind

It's kinda wild they did this to a $15k box.  It would be one thing if the box was cheap and then you paid for the channels you needed, but they already started off being way more expensive than the competition yet still nickel and dime you.

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