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Help regarding the direct outs on a Cooper 106

Axel Mishael

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I wanted to change the direct outs on my cooper 106 as to prefader because I want to use my direct out as Isos on my 788 and the, either L,R, or any other Mix Out as a Monomix and put it on ch 1 on the 788t. Supposedly on the cooper manual the changing of pins only affects the direct outs, but when I did it, it puts everything as prefader, wether the direct outs or the mix outs as well, any of the users remembers if this is correct? Or it might be something else failing or some hack I should know and don’t know…


Thanks in advance!



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I am not sure about the Cooper, but on many audio mixers, the 1/4" (unbalanced) insert  jack is normalled, so the plug is inserted only half-way in so it does not break the connection to the output busses.  however, inserting the plug only half way in, can cause it to fall out if mixer or cable is moved around. For the cables I use for direct outs from the insert jack, I made custom cables where the the tip and ring of the plug are bridged so it can be fully inserted.

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Hi I have a Cooper 106 but also a CL9 controller 


what do you prefer? 

i know the benefit of using the CL9 I get all 8 ISO tracks and have less calble connections 


but it sounds different ? / better over the 788t preamps ?

i like to use a cable boom but this days are over now 😞




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