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Sennheiser MKH416 counterfeit problems


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I picked up a used MKH416 and suspected it was fake. I read this is a real problem. I don't have another legit one to compare, so I contacted Sennheiser with the serial number. They said that number was indeed assigned to a mic manufactured in 2017. I hesitate to share the number.  But I thought it sounded off so I opened it up and this is what I found.  Looks nothing like the photos of circuits I have seen online. A black tube where the copper housing should be. Machining, painting, and even serials look clever and precise. Comments? I bet this same number may be used on other fakes.





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Ya, Pete used to hang out here; he might still but IIRC he hasn't posted in a while. There have been some interesting discussions about fake mics here... If you search the archives (try the search box above; if that doesn't seem to work, search on google with something like "Fake 416 site:jwsoundgroup.net").


Pete also upgraded a lot of our old Schoeps CMC4 and Sennheiser 416T mics to phantom power. Prince of a guy.  


Sorry to hear about your purchase. Hope it all gets sorted. 😞

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I finally heard back from Sennheiser USA on this ongoing issue.  I originally sent the Serial Number and then later photos. They said the serial number was on a legit 416 sold to a dealer in Hong Kong in 2017.  So then they looked at the photos and sent them to engineering.  They said this was not a real 416 and is a fake. My comment was they must have cloned that very 416 and stolen serial number.  I would think the serial number is the same on a number of fake 416's. 


Me: The serial number is 180490 as printed on the inside of the XLR connector. Can you please help me verify if that serial number is valid?


>>The serial checks out, it was sold to a dealer in Hong Kong in 2017. So it went from Germany to hong kong and now It seems to be in the states. If you would like to feel free to send pictures.  


Me: Here are photos of the internal electronics


>>Yes, I recommend sending it back to the seller. This is not a real MKH 416. I sent your pictures to our techs, and they confirmed it is indeed counterfeit. I do apologize for the inconvenience. 

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