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IFB connection options to Mix Pre 10

Cyd Schwartz

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I often use the ta3 outputs for hops and IFB on my MixPre 10II. X1/2 are usually just mapped to L/R anyway. L/R are balanced outputs, so they may actually work better for some transmitters.

I do not know the vocopro system at all, so I can't tell you if it can accept a standard signal instead of a mic. Try it out and see.

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It appears on the Voco website the pro IFB Tx (transmitter) is for lav or headset type mics. Most of which are unbalanced mic level, so you will need to get a custom balanced to unbalanced adapter cable to use the MixPre 10's balanced outputs. I am not sure if the MixPre 10 can output mic level on the balanced main outputs, which are typically (+4dB) line level. The MixPre 10 TA3 aux outputs are a better option. In addition, the Voco pro IFB Tx will likely have bias current present (aka, plugin pwr), which may  generate noise, so a blocking capacitor in the custom cable may be necessary using either the MixPre's main or aux outputs. If you cannot make the custom cable yo'self, have one made by the 'usual suspect' shops.

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