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how do get into imdb?

martijn scholte

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you can enter all the projects you worked on.  There is no cost.  Go to each film/tv show.  At the bottom of the cast list click on 'full cast and crew'.  At the bottom of that page click on 'UPDATE'.  You will probably have to register but you do not have to buy the monthly service, just register for the basic (and free) imdb.  Once you are in click on 'add one credit' and list your self in the appropriate category and with the appropriate attributes (ie, if you did first or 2nd unit, or just a local unit as opposed to the entire show, etc).  Does this for each project you worked on.  Producers do check imdb so it is important to keep it updated every few months.

Billy Sarokin


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There is also the paid Pro service.  I really don't know if it allows you any further benefits from the basic, but I went ahead and paid for it just in case.  One thing it does offer is the "Resume" service, which is sort of a convenient online way to disseminate your resume.  I figure it has a bit more legitimacy since it is attached to a known industry website.



With the Resume, you have more power over how things appear and you can add additional information.  May or may not be worth it, but I figured it couldn't hurt.

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It’s actually much harder to update data than it used to be. On most new projects, the distributor or production company sends the credits directly to the IMDB. If you are not on that “official” list, you will probably not be added.

On older projects you may be able to add yourself.

On new projects that do not have distributor, you may have trouble adding yourself of the project is not already listed on the IMDB. In that case, contact the producer, and ask them to add it.

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Sign up for free trial of imdb pro, add all the credits you want, then cancel imdb pro.  When I contacted imdb some years ago (not easy), I was advised they give priority to pro members to add information.

WORD OF CAUTION!!!  It is impossible to remove information.  Some day you might have more credits listed than you need.  Only add projects that you want to stick with you for as long as the site exists.

Also, I think it's pretty cheesy to add yourself to something you only did a day or two on.  If you are able to clearly distinguish yourself from the "real" mixer on the show with an "attribute" like (Los Angeles Re-Shoots) or (Additional Photography) then that's ok.  There is one mixer in particular, who will remain unnamed here, who is credited for some major films and TV shows on which he was not the primary mixer.  There is no distinction on imdb between him and the people who did the whole show.  I think that undermines the contribution of the people who actually mixed the films and TV shows.


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