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Announcing the availability of my newest sound cart model called the Ninja. The Ninja is an ultra-compact, light-weight and highly portable sound cart that has been specifically developed with location sound mixers in mind who are working predominantly from a mixer bag on their own. The ultra compact design enables the Ninja to fit into vehicles and locations where other carts would struggle. The Ninja features a sliding shelf (compatible with Sound Devices CL16), height adjustable top shelf, generous storage area (compatible with Euro Containers), 12 inch pneumatic wheels and front casters as well as being compatible with many of our optional accessories (https://store.soundcart.audio/tag/ninja/). For further details, visit https://store.soundcart.audio/product/sc-ninja/ or see customer photos on Instagram using tag #ninjasoundcart.


With the pre-orders fulfilled, stock is now available to order from our network of North American dealers (https://store.soundcart.audio/dealers/) including Audio Dept, Gotham Sound (Atlanta and New York), Location Sound Corporation, Second City Sound, Sonotechnique, Studio Economik and Trew Audio (Atlanta, LA, Nashville, Toronto and Vancouver).



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That seems small and light enough I could fit it in my hatchback?  Would it be viable to fit this into a non-sound-van vehicle?

I basically want a cart that I can put a mixing surface and 2 antenna masts on.  Maybe a couple monitors in the long term.  For everything else, I work out of my travel cases, and they are as quick to access as any cart.

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