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Sennehiser Evo G4 receiver cable...


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Hi, I'll be working with G4 receivers this weekend which aren't mine.

I still have those old beaten'up G2s in my kit but from memory, the receiver cable pinout changed from the G3 and up. 

Since I don't have the G4 cable with me and want to make 2 cables as spares for if something goes wrong, I'd just like to confirm the pinout for the G4 models if someone has it. The documentation about these cables for G4s is worse than ever.

Thanks !


... would be : tip to XLR2 and ring plus sleeve altogether to XLR1&3 ?


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I don’t think anything has changed with these since G1… Could be wrong. I have a mix of G2/3/4 and the cables are all interchangeable. 


I just checked for you and the stock 3.5mm to XLRM cable that came with my old G3 is wired with the ring floating and pins 1&3 to sleeve and pin 2 to tip. 

The stock 3.5mm locking to non-locking 3.5mm has the Ring on the locking end floating and the tip connected to tip and ring on the non-locking end. Sleeves connected. My custom cables are all wired the same as well and have always worked for feeding cameras and mixers. 

You might be thinking of the transmitter input which is different and does require you to ground the unused ring or tip to sleeve in order to select your input level mic or line. 

Think of the receiver output as being mono unbalanced. If you plug in headphones to it you’ll only hear one side. 

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The G2, 3. 4  EK 100 portable receiver series has an unbalanced out , so XLR pins 1 and 3 should be tied together. The  EK 100 Rx is essentially mic level but with the AF Out setting to the max, will easily feed a -10dB input. It would be anemic though feeding a Sound Devices +4dB input.

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Thanks a lot Derek and Rick. So it doesn't seem to change from G2 and up. I just checked my G2 cables and they're made that way (with floating ring).

I remember plugging something like ten years ago and it didn't work with my G2 cables to brand new G3 unit at the moment so it's probably on the transmitters sides of things that Sennheiser changed something.

Good news is, I got plenty of G2 cables so I don't need to solder some spares lol. Cheers.

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