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A letter of recommendation: Suspenders

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I am here to write a full throated endorsement of suspenders for use during bag work. 

With the advent of waist belts for sound bags, wearing a belt (for your pants) and also a waist belt (for your bag)  is far too much for anyone’s waist. Suspenders not only hold up your pants with superior ergonomics, they take off the added pressure of a pants belt to secure your pants. 

Keeping up your pants while wearing a sound bag is a big problem at least for me. My pants tend to ride down during work which hinders flexibility and motion. Trying to hike up your pants with a sound bag on is cumbersome and ineffective. Suspenders solve this problem by not letting your pants fall down in the first place. 

with suspenders, the only thing cinched around my waist is the sound bag, and with my pants securely in place, staying mobile is no problem. 

If you’re still using a harness, suspenders may not be right for you and you should continue using a belt to secure your pants. But if you’re a sound mixer using a waist bag, suspenders are the way to go. 

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