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Super sticky medical type tape?


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I've been searching for over an hour to no avail.  There was a mention of a really good medical tape product that wasn't any of the usual products.  I can't remember what it was called.  Does anyone remember it and what it was called?

Thanks for your help!


There's Transpore which I use often. There's also tape called Medipore which they use to place over IV sites. It's hypoallergenic and perforated so you ca place over a lav. There's various other kinds of medical tape, but those are the ones I use most often.

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Are you thinking of the Leuko tapes?

I use Leuko Sportstape http://www.elastoplastsport.com.au/Products/ProductDetail.aspx?IdDataSource=19

works great. The 3.8cm x 13.7m roll - code 76012. Beige colour is stickier than the white but the white can come in handy sometimes. It uses zinc oxide adhesive but I've only ever seen one girl have a reaction to it from the countless people we mic up every day. I guess she had very sensitive skin.

Place the lav in between two pieces, like a sandwich.

Not sure where you can get it in the US though but its readily available in chemists/pharmacys here in Australia.

Photo is 76015 but you get the idea.


Peter Mega


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I'm a bit late, but try searching Google on "sports tape" and "athletic tape." Brands like Mueller, Kinesio, and others make all sorts of stuff. Or drop by a big sports store and check out the various adhesives, removers, and other stuff. I use a bunch of sports tape and stuff when wiring athletes...

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I was told by a nurse once to try pink tape.  That's what they called it.  Said I should be able to get it from any medical supply place.

Pink tape is SUPER sticky. Would work great but not sure if it would leave a residue on your lav heads or cables. Works great on skin, but can be painful taking it off.

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