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More fun with flashing LED's

Bob Marts

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Sometimes when filming in public places, the lockup capabilities can be stretched pretty thin. PA's will hang up posters apologizing for the inconvenience and ask for bystanders to please keep quiet etc., etc.

The signs and posters are still easily overlooked and people will ignore them.

On a particular shoot when this was a problem, we were near a hardware store that was selling clip-on bicycle tail lights for 1.99 incl. batteries. I bought a few and clipped them to the posters and the flashing red LED's caught people's attention and they would go to read the posters and then actually keep their voices down. The lights can sometimes be pretty effective.


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Hey Bob,

It is a great idea that I also have been using for many years now.  I use it for sit down interviews which I do a lot of.  The producers and cameramen are usually very impressed.  In fact they often remember my blinking red light the next time I work with them more than the remember me.


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Hey Bob,  I also use Transpore for lav rigging.  We must live in parallel universes.  Just don't tell me you use mole skin too. : )    Joking aside I have absentmindedly left behind a red light with a "Quite Please" sign blinking away on a number of shoots.  Once I had a disagreement with a cameraman who insisted the chaser mode on the bike light was more effective than the blinking mode.    Andy 

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