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New Zealand - Wellington info please

Peter Mega

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I'm off to Wellington, New Zealand for a shoot in early May.

I was hoping to find out frequencies of TV transmitters there so I can avoid them.

Or any info regarding frequencies to avoid etc.

I'll be using my Lectro block 22 and 29 for talent mics.

Lectro block 24 for IFB's

Zaxcom block 31 for camera link/hop.

Thanks for any advice.


Peter Mega

PS whats the weather like in early May?

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Hi Peter

I'm a soundie in Wellington.

Blocks 22 and 24 are fine. 29 should also be fine but starting to get dangerous. You may get away with Zaxcom 31 but no guaranties.

You can search frequencies here http://www.rsm.govt.nz/cms

If you need anything let me know.

May is cold. Not freezing but rain and wind.

If you need any camera bits and peaces talk to:

Rocket Rentals http://www.rocketrentals.com/  or

Camera Works http://www.cameraworks.co.nz/


Adam Dransfield

Location, OB and Studio Sound

Po Box 11-465

Manners st


New Zealand

Ph +64 21 455997


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You'll need your best wind experience and gear to cope....winds of over 70mph+ are common...I'm happy to help if you need any advice +64 21 453322...Adam is spot on with the frequencies. Expect the unexpected...


Brian Shennan


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Many THANKS to you both for the useful info.

The wind warning in particular is a great insight.

I'll be sure to keep your phone numbers with me in case I run into any major problems.

I'm from Sydney, Australia so thankfully its a relatively short flight too!!

Thanks again and regards

Peter Mega

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Almost forgot. NZ Customs can be a pain in the ass. I did a job in Sydney two weeks ago. It was late notice so didn't have a carnet. I did an export order and had it stamped by NZ customs on my way out. AU customs didn't have any problems once they realized that I was from NZ and had no intention of leaving my gear behind. But when i arrived back in NZ I got a "warning" form NZ Customs for not having a carnet. Serves me right for being honest and declaring my work equipment.


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