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MK41 suspension


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This is my MK 41 suspension image.(see General Discussion)

I don't know what the problem is with the image. It should display itself within your post, this is how it normally works. Your image (which does have a .jpg extension) seems to be 0 kb in size, in other words, not a complete file at all. I don't know what to suggest.

Regards,  Jeff Wexler

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Trying again,I think my file size was too big.The PSC short mount seems to work well for me with the MK41,GVC,CMC5U combo.I put a twist in the front and back orange bands which locks it in there tightly.The pop filter is a Dr Scholls toe protector held on with an O ring.The cost of these is about $7 and works as well as a more expensive Schoeps one.I change it regularly for moisture and dirt.I think many people have overlooked this as another source of noise in humid situations.



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