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3 hours ago, Mike Westgate said:

Sony PCM-M10


I chose it because of a comment about it having low noise electrets and mike amps

Also it's inexpensive

Have a low cost furry to go over the mike end for the occasion atmos


I used to carry in my car in case an atmos or crowd noise was worth recording



Except Sony PCM-M10 have been discontinued for some time and have become like goldust....:)
And they have 5 seconds of Pre-recording pre-roll, very handy and rare in something of that small size.

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Ah, Jim, you touch on a subject that causes me great irritation. That cat squalling was needless to say added in post and I got quite riled about it. But...I was a freelance, and the dubbing mixer and editor were both BBC staff, so apart from telling the director that he was a c**t, that was little I could do. If I had my way their heads would be on spikes at Tower Hill.

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