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AETA 4MinX - New Mixer Recorder shown at AES London


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shown at the AES exhibition this weekend. 4 x mic/line IPs, 2 x line IPs, 2 x AES IPs (2 x AES pairs), 8 channel recorder, plenty of OPs, TC by Ambient, Euro 4250 with TC!!!

Kindest regards,

Simon B

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I've been following the discussion on the forum www.perchman.com about this mixer/recorder. http://www.perchman.com/phorum/read.php?f=3&i=17554&t=17505

So far only a few people have gotten their hands on one and, so, no thorough review as of yet. I got to play around with the 4Minx at nab. The hardware was complete but the software was still being worked on. My impression was that it was well built, and from the opinions on the perchman forum, aeta as a company seem to be well known for making good quality products. They appear to be highly respected in France. I do remember, however, that I was a bit frustrated with the tiny, difficult-to-read, screen. I don't know if the final product will be any different.

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got a hand on that one to play with , very nice build piece of equipment , excellent preamps , very rubbust chassis , ability to mix up to 10 diffident sources .

in 2 months from now will be able been controlled with external panel control thru its usb

up to 36 db gain on its digital inputs to work with your digital mics

6 hours of autonomy with dv cam battery ( npf-970) ,

ability to suply up to 1 amp current for external customers ( equal for 6 sr-5 receivers current draw )

very friendly display .

almost zero rf spray .

let say that its quit an ultimate eng /efp recorder for these days

i can send my sqn 5 for retirement now .

only 5.5K US$ for 8 tracks with TC /


5.1 AND 7.1 SOUNDFIELD supported for music and soround biz


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It records on a single SD card.

you can copy yours file on an USB key or an external drive.

They said that soonly the 4minx will have an "iddle copy" (in the same way as Cantar) fonction.

The weak point for me : only 4 mic input.


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I had a short look on an exhibition piece a few weeks ago.

My thoughts so far:

- The housing appeared to be tough and steelish. It is in the weight and size range of a 788t+CL-8.

- The manual still appears unfinished. The routing to track options are unclear to me. Why would this not be in the routing menu?

- Is this really a 10input-8track recorder? Are the lower pots assignable as a gain/mix to the non-mic inputs?

- The menu seems too highly branched. However real life might proof different.

- The firmware-development has a lot of room to improve, the hardware suggests promising features with the IP/Ethernet port. A web interface for RC/IFB/streamcasts, user-rights-management, file transfer (and mirroring) via Samba, NFS(4), FTP, rsync... I wonder why SD does not implement such standards in favour of proprietary software on fruity mobiles on the CL-wifi.

- Since they put a penguin on their product sheet, I wonder if people start modding/reverse engeneering the firmware, or if Aeta will at some point collaborate with an open source developer community. Would Aeta might face any GPL issues, while keeping it closed source?. Also, since the number of recording tracks is a software switch you have to pay for, people might find the relevant flags within the binary code and open the device for all tracks without paying.

- Finally a full control pan pot (at least assignable). All "baggable" recorders/mixers I can think of only allow L/C/R. I'd use this for live podcast mixing.

- The different ins and outs have much different features and connectors. This implies a much higher learning curve to occasional renters and fault-possibilities compared to making all in/outs equally switchable.

- As a standalone, 10input machine, it seems unfinished. I am curious for various hardware extentions like CL8, CL9, or even simple computers. Then it might become competitive to an 788t. It seems already a "european nomad" or diskless 744t with full mixing capabilities.

- There is no mentioning in the manual or feature lists about delays to match sources of different latencies. This is definately a lack, since it provides AES(42). I guess this might be fixed in future fw-versions

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Hi everyone

I have had one of these on loan a few weeks back and have written a kind of 'review' of it.


as far as i know, mine is the first user-review out there in English, which as well as the obvious advantage of being 'native' for UK/UK readers here ( i myself can read the French stuff that's online on the 4Minx ), also has an 'anglo perspective' on the recorder that may be useful ?

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