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identify a lav?

Cory Kaseman

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I was flipping channels just now and came across an episode on the US version of top gear, featuring an interview with tony hawk. I'll admit, I was watching on a small, standard definition TV, but it looked like he was wearing a lav that didn't have a wire connecting it to a transmitter.

It was a pill shaped mic, clipped just above his sternum, on a plain black t shirt, with no button holes or anything to slip a wire through. I got up close to the screen and squinted as hard as I could, but I couldn't see a wire anywhere. can anyone tell me what this might have been?

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How old was the program? If the mike looked to be about 1/2-inch in diameter, and 1/4-inch tall, with a metallic grey finish and a pattern of holes on the front like a salt shaker, it may have been an old Electro-Voice CO-85. The capsule has a pin with 2 contacts that plugs into a flat pack behind the fabric. They saved my posterior many years ago when I had to radio mike Jodie Foster and Dennis Hopper who were both wearing aluminized asbestos fire-fighters suits. Fortunately, the suits had a black snap on one side of the collar. I used a black marker on the capsules and now the suits had "snaps" on both sides.

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