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Adobe Audition: Wondering if it reads timecode and downconverts BWF

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I remember (maybe 5 or 6 years ago) when I used Adobe Audition, I recall it being an awesome editing system except it didn't feature SMPTE timecode at that time. I'm wondering if Audition these days now feature it. And if so, can the program downconvert files from Bwf to MP3s while preserving the timecode on the file? Any info about the program or any other programs that can do what I'm inquiring about would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I am PC based! Thanks!

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Is what you need.

Two weeks later:

Hey Jon! I tried the BWF Widget Pro and it executed perfectly. The files I recorded as BWF Wav were too big to send over the net back at the production office I was working for. And now they are downconverting the files to MP3s themselves and shipping it to the transcription house with zero issues. All the while the footage gets archived with lock and key at ABC. So the SMPTE timecode to reference audio to video in reading transcripts was a big deal to them. Thanks!

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