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Rechargeable 9V batteries in Lectro UM400a transmitters


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The charger they sell is only two bank and charges very slowly. It takes about 4 hours to recharge them.

However, the iPower charge will work with them as a "fast" charger. The ipower charger does not seem to charge them to full capacity; I'm not sure how their deltaV settings are different. Works fine for the comtek batteries, etc, but for transmitters I use the branded charger.

So if you want full capacity, use the Hitech charger, but you will need more than one.

I've been using them in a 250 mW transmitter and they're awesome. 4 to 5 hours runtime.

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So I did some more exhaustive testing with the HiTech branded rechargeables.

They last 5 to 5.5 hours in a lectro um450 250 mW transmitter. The ipower charger works fine and charges them in half the time of the branded charger, approximately 2C. Run time was decreased about 10 minutes. There may be some difference in useful cycles as a result of the higher charge rate, but I don't have data on that yet.

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