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What are you drinking?


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I think we should put this Pabst next to Eric's bottle of Diet Pepsi.

Do not disparage the recuperative powers of Diet Pepsi. It allows me to be cute & adoreable, The Ketel One vodka allows me to believe that, regardless of what the lying mirror says.


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I just purchased a Soda Stream recently, and I'm experimenting with making my own sodas. I am a total lightweight when it comes to booze, so I don't really drink...but at NAB, the folks at the Hilton were giving out free shots of some kind of Whiskey that was damn good.

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Chocolate Block is amazing, every time I go to SA I pick up a bottle or two. I'm surprised you get it all way in LA!

Loving all the micro/craft brews - there seems to be a lot of great beer brewed in the states.

It's morning here, so 'builders tea' as the poms call it, is imminent! Mmmm!

I'm a South African and have never heard of Chocolate Block. Guess you guy's are the privileged few who get to taste our wonderful exports. Am going to check it out when I get home. I'm in Brazil at the moment so it's Caipirinha's all round! Cheers!!

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With the tour de france on we have been sampling wines from the region as they go!

With Cadel picking up the final yellow jersey tonight (our time) might have to celebrate last day with a big Aust red wine (to match his team colour)

On the beer front I'd say Hoegaarden is one of the best (Belgian)


and from Aust - Fat Yak


or White Rabbit


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Those all look like good choices and I think I have tried a few . But my favorite tipple these days is Tea . English Breakfast Tetleys or Builders brewed in the pot and served in a mug that you could throw a pool party in, the bigger the better.No Assam ,Earl Grey or fruit flavored camomile infused hand picked by Tibetan Grandmothers nonsense just tea.The stuff my Mother poured down our throats from the moment we came of the breast . From morning till night in the hard wet cold of a Scottish winter to the fierce heat of the Egyptian Sahara it warns your innards one day and refreshes you the next .And I swear there is no more welcoming words heard on location than "would you like a cuppa' it makes the longest days that little bit sweeter.

Best John

PS Milk no sugar thanks

I am with you brother! My present project has me recording long long interviews (up to 4 hours at a stretch) in a cold dark room and my saving grace is a very large English Breakfast tea to get me through. My new motto is "Where there is tea there is hope!"

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