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old mixer from an old mixer

Jeff Wexler

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Yes. Bruce was a big fan of ARs. In one room he had basically a whole wall of AR speakers which of course required enormous power to get any kind of performance. In those days, Bruce was using a whole bank of Phase Linear amplifiers. I will add that Bruce used to tweak everything --- I wouldn't be surprised if he had made modifications, parts substitutions and such, for the amplifiers and even the speakers.

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thanks for the info.

i had no idea about the opaque resin... what a thing!

there´s some issues then... electronic components, faders aging poorly, the opaque resin...

most of the info I have read in the web is about the high quality of the mic´s pres, and I am tempted to try it cause the offer is a bargain.

I have seen that there´s a guy (or team) in switzerland that still service stella´s devices


but I guess that puting a hand on AMI will cost like a house in the shore...

i´ll try to have a chance to check the unit, and then decide

any coments and info are welcom






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Hi Sprotnik,

Just walked in this thread and saw that you have questions about a STELLAVOX AMI48 mixer.

If you are still interested, I guess I can help you.

I own the mixer and the reel to reel recorder SP8 and had to repair everything by myself.

Believe me, the maschines look good outside, but inside its a mess and a nightmare.

The current Stellavox people are completly arrogant and not helpful. Instead of being happy that people out there who still keep this things running, they want to hide informmation and try to squezze out money as much as possible for everything.

For this reason I have re-drawed a couple of this modules from the mixer and tape recorder.

The module for the mic-amplifier in the mixer is called SPA+SOA.

SPA+SOA stands for   StellavoxPreAmplifier  + StellavoxOutputAmplifier

I had opened the defect module and re-draw the schematics in it, including pictures and all components.

So if you interested, I can post it to you.




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