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Colin Heath

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I lived through several hurricanes while I lived in Wilmington, North Carolina. My daughter and I were talking about Irene yesterday, she misses hurricanes, and one almost took out the house she and her Mother lived in, by knocking down a couple of huge old trees.

In 1990 Hugo, while filming "Rambling Rose," the production halted and let us go prepare our homes for the oncoming hurricane.

In 1996 Bertha, when the eye of the hurricane rolled over us, we went outside to see that the ground was covered with hundreds of little frogs, and as the eye passed and then the storm we returned and there wasn't a one. Crazy.

I must say, after having the experiences that I had I really can't believe the people that go out to "face" the storm. Before the storm hits, it was some of the biggest surf I ever saw on the East Coast, but when the wind comes up to full strength, it's so blown out it's not worth the trouble, or risk.

I hope all stay safe and that this just passes by without any major incidents.


Rich Van Dyke

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I went through eight major hurricanes when I was a kid, growing up in Central Florida. It was fun and exciting at that age -- we had no idea of the real danger. I can recall actually going outside when the eye of one hurricane (I think it was Camille in 1969) was over the city: it was really eerie, since the storm almost completely stopped for about five minutes, with almost no rain, kind of like the special effects crew took a break. Then, with almost no warning, it was back to 60MPH winds and torrential rain. Quite a mess.

--Marc W.

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Found a live audio stream of local police/fire. Comforting as the river waters rise.


The houses at the 'top' of the image back up on the Passaic River. The water in the street is actually river water.

Have invited all the neighbors to come by if they need to.


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