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5 pin Lemo model #

Bob Marts

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Can someone tell me what the official model number for the Lemo 5 pin connector which we use for time code is?

Although I've never seen any, are there any alternative manufacturers for this plug?


How about these?

Lemo FGG.0B.305.CLAD42 Lemo 5pin Male Plug, for Cable Ø3.1-4.0mm

You +1'd this publicly. Undo$31 - 2 stores

Shure PA740 5 Pin Lemo Connector (Male) for P6HW

You +1'd this publicly. Undo$49 - 6 stores

Shure PA740 5 Pin LEMO Connector (Male) for P6HW

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$52.99 - SJ Media System


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its hard to buy from lemo less than 10 units and it takes FOREVER to ship

do NOT buy the USA made equivalents, their plastic melts much too soon even though they are 30% cheaper.

i am not aware of Asian copies yet

Soldering these is not for newbies. The established houses all make cables and if you need just a few go to them, there is an expensive learning curve in fine precise soldering of these. Key is TAKE YOUR TIME IN PREP.

we make and stock all kinds of lemos etc for video guys, we dont have this 5 pin in usually. I hate to compete with the habitual vendors.


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