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Anyone aware of or ever had custom built a AA p48 supply?

The Denecke PS-1A or the PSC box of the same variety are fine but in certain situations it'd be really handy to have one in a tube, so you could throw a AA in there and be done with it. Much like an ME66 or Rode Ntg-2.

Does a standalone external one exist? if not, why?

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I think transmitters should have the option (48 or 3 for electret mics), ALL OF EM. I know it involves battery life issues but it would be great for boom ops and plant mics. I'd have my booms wear a bigger battery (NP), save the PS1a box, and have power all day for the IFB & tx.

Or they could just invent better batteries and make everything simpler. How about batteries that recharge themselves using photosynthesis or perhaps sweat-fueled? Or what about plugging into your brain and using your own body's electricity? I'd volunteer for those experiments I have too much electricity upstairs.

Dan Izen

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" the option (48 or 3 for electret mics), "

Some ofthe plug-on's, which accept balanced, xlr mic inputs can provide 48 v phantom, but for pack TX's, which aren't designed for balanced xlr mic inputs, 48v bias (unbalanced) is not needede, and not a cpossibility!

BTW, I'm back in Kaimuki on a gig, and the WX is perfection...Aloha, Brah!

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