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Your best purchase this year (2011)

Mark LeBlanc

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FYI - Each year your mattress gains approx. 1 pound in sweat, dander etc. per person.

I'm going to burn my mattress now.

As for gear, I bought quite a bit. Zaxcom Fusion 12, Zaxcom IFB kit, Neumann KMR-82i, SD MixPre-D, another BDS system for my lightweight bag (MixPre, Zaxcom hops, QRX100 receiver, etc), a couple more channels of Zaxcom wireless, Zaxcom camera hops.

Side note regarding purchasing of gear through here. I bought many of these new (to me) items from other members here on JW Sound and every transaction went very well! It's a great group of people and the one or two bad apples that have sprouted up can't seem to spoil the lot.

Non gear purchases: Saddle bags for my BMW R1200C motorcycle, moved to LA from Minneapolis,

And what did I sell this year? Avalon AD2022 mic pre, G&L L2500 bass guitar, MOTU 24I/O, quite a few effects pedals that were gathering dust, and a partridge in a pear tree.

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I think for me, it was switching all my mounts over to the Rycote Invisions, and also the little Remote Audio RM remote power meter for the BDS. Oh, and finally getting an IDX charger and some LiOns, and getting rid of the NiCads I had used for 5 or 6 years. Major weight loss (in the battery department).

I don't drink, but I'm thinking about starting. 31-year-old Scotch sounds like a good bet.

--Marc W.

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Then I guess you don't want to hear about the Ferrari 599 GTB in the garage.


Larry F

p.s. Most of the fun is getting there.

You successful folk make me retch, with your MkH5@3# Transplitters, and Wave Code Time Formers, Premium distilled spirits with fragrant oaky undertones and peaty finishes...don't you realize some of us noobs are still struggling to pay the light bill!!! ???

Ill get back to ya'll next year yo...prolly buy something then.


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On the post side, it would be the ProTools system added early this year. It doesn't sound quite as good as the SADiE system, but handles tons of tracks and plugins admirably, as well as simultaneous hi-def sync playback.

On the location sound side there are many things, some large, and some small like the front casters I added to my cart -- on smooth surfaces, no more tipping, just pushing.

The voltage and current meter added to the cart (that may have been last year, but my appreciation continues).

Then there's the additional IDX NP1 Lithiums. I love having plenty of spares. I can run the cart all day on NP1s just by swapping out one at a time in the dual battery holder. Of course, the PSC Cart Power (custom voltage version - for lithiums) continues to be a joy and I can plug into AC whenever I like without any switchover issues.

There are others that don't come to mind at the moment.

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Betso TCD-1 Compact Timecode Display.

It's a timecode reader you can mount on the front of your rig so you don't have to keep up with a full size slate on run and gun shoots.

Achieved similar results from a ipod touch and a idevice cable from remote audio. I do like the big display on the besto. Just seems a little steep pricewise.

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So much gear (in a year). Single malt is the only way to go (spirit wise). Tasmanian single malt - Lark is pretty good; http://www.larkdistillery.com.au/

Gearwise it might be my four bay simultaneous NP1 battery charger, to keep the 788 fed, but thinking about it that's pretty dull so would maybe say CS3e. Haven't pulled the old mics out since I got it. Everything I was told was true and more

A second xbox 360 to stop the kids fighting was a great purchase too!

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