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Folding Handles for Carts

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Chinhda just made up a batch of folding handles for sound carts.

This is one of the few accessories not developed for use on a Chinhda Cart. (His cart designs already incorporate hand-holds.) These folding handles are made for use on Mag-Liner carts or any other design with a suitable mounting point. They are very strong and can easily handle carts of several hundred pounds.

The handle grips are cross-hatched and more than an inch-and-a-quarter in diameter to provide a firm grip.


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As presently configured, they are one way only. In a typical installation, they would fold down when not needed. When confronted with stairs or a curb, they would be folded up to help lift the cart.

If you wanted something that would permit pushing down (still trying to wrap my mind around a circumstance where that might be useful), it would probably be possible to reconfigure them. A solid pin screwed into the mounting plate just below the machined stop would prevent the handle from folding down. This might even be removable so one could unscrew it to permit folding the handle down again.

Installing such a pin would cost a bit extra and, obviously, it would no longer be possible to fold the handles out of the way when not needed.


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