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short microphones


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Just a nice picture of a collection of short microphones.

Been doing some comparison's lately on cardioids.

The DPA is really nice IMO. It competes with the Schoeps. Sennheiser you need the pad/filter in there but also very nice.

Thoughts on short mics? mounting options? windscreen protections?

I'm not asking for anything specific - just your experiences.

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I trialled the short DPA MMP-C preamp module, the MMP-B module which has the LF cut and HF boost along with an omni capsule and a couple of cardioid capsules. I own a DPA4017 short shotgun so was keen try these out.

Using a Schopes MK41 hyper-cardioid capsule as a benchmark, the DPA cardioids didn't prove to be useful for dialogue. Great for close micing but not enough reach for general dialogue duties. The omni capsule sounded superb but has limited application in screen production. The compact MMP-C preamp module was just to short to be effectively mounted in a suspension. I'm considering a 2nd DPA4017 and will probably go for the modular version with the MMP-B preamp module.

DPA only make one foam windscreen for their cardioids. It wasn't included but Schopes are the class leaders in foam and small basket windshields. The DPA's and the Sennheiser 8000 series for that matter are 19mm in diameter and so won't take any of the 20mm Schopes products such as the B20 basket or B5 hollow foam. Schopes win for me.

David M

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Actually, if you put a small "hair" rubber band or 2 around the Sennheiser 8050, it makes it just big enough to fit the B5 hollow foam. I use it all the time. Works like a charm. It also doesn't leave residue like the gaff tape approach. Still wish Sennheiser made a hollow foam rather than the useless foam that comes with the 8050.


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