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New Years resolutions 2012


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Why bother? Just roll them up and stuff into the pillow case and put in a closet. When they go on the bed all the wrinkles come out only to get wrinkled as soon as you get on the bed. Obviously I live alone and don't have to deal with that waste of time.


I want to see a YouTube video of Eric stuffing his sheets into a pillowcase. Far more useful video for all the guys out there!

And whet the heck is a "pocket point". No wonder I can't fold those things.

Happy New Year guys!



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Working as in 2011 ! ::)

and....I am planning to visit the united states this summer with my family and having 2 weeks, in the states, to rent a little house close to a sailing club (for children and adults...).

If you know such a good place please tell me where !

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