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New section - just for Post-Production

Jeff Wexler

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Although I am not a fan of more categorization or more sections, I have sort of warmed up to the idea of having an area that is tailored for post-production. I AM a big fan of production people and post people working to minimize the fragmentation and mis-information that comes from keeping these two disciplines apart. Open communication is vital, not only for important pre-production specifications coming from post-supervisors (often the ONLY communication lots of Production Sound people ever have!), but more importantly for the intrinsic value of a complete understanding of the whole process. The hope is that this new section will encourage MORE communication rather than less, and particularly as an encouragement for our Post-Production members from whom we can all benefit.

So, we'll see how it goes, having this new section, but don't let the new section intimidate anyone, you should all still feel free to post anything you want, wherever... the new section, however, might be very beneficial for those who are really interested specifically in post-production issues.

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I like to keep an eye on all the posts, so it makes absolutely no difference whether you add a section or not... View New Content shows me everything that is new and then I can pick whatever I want to read. But for those who visit the site less often and must rely on filtering by Category to reduce the number of posts, it seems like Post-Production would certainly be a welcome addition.

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Thanks Jeff!

As I wrote elsewhere, I think this new section could stimulate discussion not only between members who work in the field and those who work in the studio, but also between those (like myself) who are still beginning and still did not have the chance (or necessity) to choose one path or the other (and so do a bit of both), and the folks who are well established in their expertise areas.

And now, I´m off to read the new posts!

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