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Sound Report Writer app

Tyler Faison

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I think SRW is pretty close to being a great app, but for me there were some frustrations that got me to quit and spend the money on movie slate.  I am not trying to start a this vs. that thread, just give my input.


Having the file names be a global setting is frustrating.  I switch between traditional zax file names, and scene/take file names depending on the job. 

I experienced some bugs where all of my track assignments would get reset.  I believe they fixed that issue, but I got tired of having to enter my track info twice, then go back and fix it, and I moved on before it got fixed.

I agree with Robert, productions often print the reports, and these reports could be formatted tighter to put more info on a page.  The header is very large, and the margins and padding are larger than they need to be.


All in all a good app, but not right for me.

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I have my Sound Report Writer app set up to do file names like the 552 mixer/recorder.
When it esports the reports, it puts the last digit of the file name on the second line.

i.e. if the file names is: 13Y11M11-001

It shows up as:




Is there a way to widen the column, or something, to make the file name fit?

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Didn't attend the parade but was it a ''sound report'' app per se or a ''notes'' app ?

Maybe ''i annotate PDF'' ? more for pdf texts on wihich you want to take notes, circle parts, etc ; recently saw a director constantly using it for a shot-list and it seemed nice for that kind of work...

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