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Positioning MKH60 / MKH416 in basket for max wind protection


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Hi All,

I was taught to mount mics (a 416 at the time) such that the tip doesn't protrude past the cylindrical section of the basket (where the frontal end cap would attach in the newer generation baskets) in order to achieve maximum wind protection.

I never questioned this since but just found myself wanting my MKH60 to protrude an inch further, for convenience.

How much difference would this make?

Roughly where after the interference tube is the capsule on the 60?


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Yea, try positioning it in a few places and give it a listen, see if you can tell the difference. I played with it with my MKH 50 and Rycote BBG and MKH-416 and Rycote Full Windshield Kit 4 and couldnt. But There are probably certain situations where it might make a hairs difference.

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Thanks guys, this was my feeling - that it would be in the order of a hair's difference.

I had tried experimenting with different positions, but it is so difficult to recreate wind noise due to movement or wind for AB testing.

So, I reckon I will proceed as per the convenience of mounting the mic's tip an inch into the frontal end cap and continue until I encounter problem situation.

It has the definite advantage of getting my mic an inch closer to talent which is a happy bonus in the meantime :)

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