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  2. https://www.ferntech.co.nz/DJI_Osmo_Pocket_3.5mm_Adapter Going to be working with a DJI Osmo Pocket and wondering if I can attach a Tentacle Sync E to it (like I will with their Sony a7 camera) and the DJI Osmo Pocket will record stereo from the Tentacle using this adapter? (and if it is does unfortunately only record mono from the Tentacle, can I still record the DJI scratch mic built into the Osmo as well as the Aux LTC??)
  3. Sweeeeetttttt! Those are photos there of the brand new (just came out a few weeks ago, if that!) Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K S35 camera. (yes, you read that right, they're 6K! Not 4K like the old version)
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  5. There's at least a few dozens out in the wild, and they keep delivering more every week.
  6. Wonder with the mrx414 if you will need zhd modulation to stay in the 40mhz window?
  7. Selling my current set up completely, this is what I was waiting for.
  8. 216 have always worked great for me.
  9. Quad rx's. Spread the word.
  10. This sounds exactly like what happened to mine. Sent it in for repair and got a replacement antenna and I'm good to go. Not as mobile but you can hook up the m-216 to a mini-mite for increased performance. That's what I do for free drive situations.
  11. LINK to video showing Nova now with 8 channels of wireless receivers
  12. Oh, Im going to regret this!! 10 days, no update!!
  13. I know july was a pipe dream for delivery but has anyone other than Rado put their hands on one of their very own as of yet? I have been saving my lunch money since april
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  15. Premieres Oct 16, 2019 An overview of the Zaxcom Nova Mixer / Recorder with built-in receiver slots and ZaxNet audio, timecode and remote control distribution. With two MRX414 4-channel receivers you can receive audio from eight separate digital recording wireless transmitters in a single unit that weighs 3.7 lbs / 1.7 kg.
  16. Given the amount the Fader value is "dancing" in the screen, the pot is bad. Send it in to Sound Devices to have it repaired.
  17. soundmanjohn

    HHB Dat

    Actually, I mis-remembered a bit. ian Jones was the band's manager, rather than being in the group, but Half-Human Band it was. John
  18. Yes--I'd give that small TX some service-love. I don't have a Comtek base station TX anymore--just the 216/P7 and it has worked out very well, remarkably close to the performance of my base stations.
  19. Check the capacitor that connects the antenna to the circuit board- if the antenna gets hit, it can crack the cap which can make it intermittent and give you a result similar to what your are describing. Cheers, Brent Calkin.
  20. I have all three versions of the the comtek transmitters and use the M-216 option 7 in the bag. I’ve never had clients complain about hits or short range. I’m not sure on exact range on the m-216 but I get way more than 20ft. Something weird is going on if you’re only getting 10-20ft.
  21. In this case I guess your settings on the Atomos Ninja V are wrong. I also use it and I'm able to set a delay on the analogue input that doesn't affect the sound coming with the HDMI signal. It get them both perfectly in sync.Like you've mentioned - it would make little sense to add a delay on both signals. Greetings
  22. My issue is on Channel 1. -If i gently move the fader or gain it swings drastically up and down -It doesn't consistently happen -If I change input to pre fade it solves the dramatic rise and falls I've included video and corresponding audio files. I have tried different mics, different power(NP to hirose direct, NP to BDS to hirose, et cetera) Has anyone had the same issue? Any information is gladly appreciated. I read in a reply from a user on reddit that they sent theirs in and within a year the issue came back. (Edit: I should mention I've been told to calibrate the Fader several times. It doesn't solve the issue.) TestT03.MOV TESTT03.WAV
  23. Problem is: the editors are permanent employees, I am a freelancer.. so no chance discussing anything.
  24. @jason porter curious about how your skydive audio turned out! Cheers Adam
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