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  2. Where did you place the attenuator? Between the amplifier output and the filter input? An attenuator should definitely help to prevent distortion at the amplifier output because it will help correct the impedance presented to it.
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  4. Good to know, I've been using an adaptor also
  5. i had an old COS11 that had been a bit damaged so i hadn't sold it when i sold all my others, so i thought it wouldn't hurt to try it on 12v. turned out it was fine, even though the spec says 3-10v. its been my slate mic for quite a few years now, and hasnt gotten any more broken than it was before.
  6. Without rereading through the replies, I don’t think you’ve mentioned trying the SL6 on a different filter. It appears you have Lectro SRC in A1 and C1. So have you tried the SL6 filter set to 470-700 instead of the “wideband” setting? For example, If you have a scene where you only use C1, set the SL6 filter to 580-700. The SL6 filter really matters and makes a huge difference. Please report back. Thanks
  7. The antennas are above head height (around 2.5m / depending on the ceiling height interior of course). I have extension cables and a tripod to place the antennas closer to set than my cart in case it's neccesary. But I still think it shouldn't be neccesary to do that when my cart is already just around the corner. As it's very hectic job with a somehow chaotic DOP I try to set up the antennas away from the cart only if I have to - to be faster in moving and more flexible. But yes, it seems the way I have to finish this job now (only 4 days left anyway). Thanks for all the ideas and tips.
  8. can i us the standard ucr411a whip antenna to connect it to the main A and B OUTPUTS on The UCR200d multi coupler
  9. Thanks Rich. I did not know the COS11 could take 12v. I have an adapter for lav from XLR 48v I was gonna try but if I can plug a COS11 directly even better.
  10. hi, "which external antenna to use with Lectrosonic UMC200D UHF Diversity Antenna Multicoupler i just picked on, but dunno which xtrnal antenna to use
  11. Yep. Common ground. no issues here using an old COS11 with the recorder set to 12v phantom for the ext mic. (I believe I left the mic - pin floating, but am not near my recorders to check)
  12. gorgeous. I love the stand-up workstation idea. Innovativ makes the cleverest and priciest carts and cart gak. thanks for sharing the pics. cheers. kathryn
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  14. Hello, I am not familiar with headset (headphone+mike combine) and their TA5 socket/plug. I actually use a separate mike (usually dynamic) for slate and com and my HD25. So I want to make myself a cable to plug to my 888 TA5 headset socket and get out a headphone plug and a XLR mike input. Now after searching around it seems the standard is not to use common ground for HP and mike as in a headset the mike seems to be unbalanced electret. But Sound Devices gives this pinout for their socket: TA5 jack Headphone and slate microphone connections [pin-1 = HP right, pin-2 = HP left, pin-3 = ground, pin-4 = Mic -, pin-5 = Mic+] It seems to suggest to use common ground for HP and balanced mike. I think it should be fine but I am a bit hesitant (and it is late here my eyes are getting tired) so I figured I should discuss first 😉 Any opinion before I start soldering? Thanks Fred
  15. Thank you for your input, as I was simply addressing someone who had indicated that they were not happy with the voltage dropping to 1.2 volts. I am happy to see you agreeing with me about these batteries maintaining a higher voltage. The user of the device who did not care about the voltage dropping to 1.2 on the older style batteries, Nimh, Nicad, etc, would not have this issue on the newer cells. And of course when the voltage drops, the amperage goes up, absent a circuit that subsequently lowers the wattage as the voltage of the cell drops, then heat also goes up. That is why I don't use a main battery system of 12 volts on Nova, because of higher amperage. The other reason being the minimum voltage level of the Nova is reached before the discharge level of the battery pack is reached, thereby leaving unusable power in the battery pack. As far as "Mumbai" , I was simply doing math based on the science.
  16. I don't know of any professional gear that needs exactly 1.5 V and stops working at 1.49 V. If this was the case, no existing regular AA alkaline, or Lithium batteries would work more than 5 minutes. These lithium AA from iPower run at an internal higher voltage (IIRC 3.6V?) with a regulator that keeps the battery output at 1.5V. FWIW - their run time is about equal to, or less than Eneloop Pro, or Ikea Ladda 2450. The marketing mumbo Rado is talking about is likely the fact that they use mWh rather than mAh to make it look at first glance like these have much higher capacity, but the reality is that 3610mWh equals about 2406 mAh at 1.5V. Of course, you could argue that the transmitter will pull less current at 1.5V vs 1.2V, but I'm not sure if that matters much in this situation. Personally, I stick to Eneloop Pro, or Ikea Ladda 2450. I know they will run single battery Lectro Tx for 4+ hours, and double battery Tx for 8.5 hours and both have proven to be consistently reliable. If the situation is such that I need to leave the transmitter on all day without any chance to swap batteries, then I go for Energizer Ultimate.
  17. Looks good, Phil, and the covers you did and mods seem to do a good job adapting the Innovative to our production environment. It really shines as a "stand up" working cart (something I could never get into, all of my carts were definitely designed for sitting). I'm putting your pictures up on the Gallery of Sound Carts.
  18. Very clean and nice setup. With how much height it has, do you have a high roof van that transports it or do you have to throw it onto its back? I know we talk about carts on here a lot (which is great) but I wish we talked more about vans and whatnot too! Sadly, the Ford Transit Connect (and the Ram Promaster City + Mercedes Metris - ALL the small vans will dead for North America end of '23) so I'm kicking tires on various van ideas.
  19. This has already been posted to some effect on a couple of FB groups, but there are folks here that don't journey into the meta. My cart for the last many years was much larger as it housed a much heavier and extensive amount of components. I kept using the rig even as the gear became smaller and was capable of even more functionality. I decided it was time to re-think my set up and look for a more ergonomic and smaller footprint. I wanted a standing rig (yes, I sit during set ups and when not mixing), and something that would be more nimble in getting into tight spots. Looked at several different manufactures and custom cart rigs and settled on the Inovativ Deploy as the base structure. Needed some covers and extra bits here and there to fulfill the demands of production, travel and safety. Photos below are what we've ended up with. Always a work in progress but so far happy with the results.
  20. rich

    Poor RF Range

    assuming your system is working fine, its either something where you are working that is messing things up, but my guess would be to think about your receive antenna placement. are they close to the set and above head height? i stopped mounting the receive antennas on my cart a few rebuilds ago to give me more options of where i could set myself up to be out the way and still be able to keep my antennas close to where they need to be.
  21. I'm shooting in Berlin right now. Usually it's OK to find free frequencies here. RX Explorer shows level around -100, -105 on my chosen freqs. Cables are fine. My own sends are around 2 meters away from the antennas. I had time to do another test last weekend at home and also yesterday on set: it worked fine, I had a range of about 40m without any problems. But it's not solved either: the day before, interior, I was fighting again - just in the next room with open doors. It seems to me that as soon as I don't have a direct line of sight anymore and when the actors / TXs (usually mounted on the ankle) are surrounded by the camera and operators the range breaks down extremely - and way too much as it should. I checked the camera and monitors with the RF explorer but couldn't find any extreme RF noise there. Their teradek are in the 5Ghz range. Overall noise in my freq area rises just a tiny bit when I check them with the RF explorer. Also: I'm the second mixer on this show, the other collegue shooting with the same team and camera gear until 2 weeks ago was in the same block (A1) also with lectros and he didn't have any problems.
  22. I didn't mention anything about equipment design. I don't know the "Mumbai jumbo" you refer to and I'm not sure you understand how these cells function. Think of it this way, if there was a piece of equipment, let's call it the Throwtrap 5000, and this device ran on 1.5 volts minimum voltage, at 1.49 volts there is no longer enough voltage to power the 5000. This is what we are discussing here. With that understanding, how long does the cell in question maintain 1.5 volts?
  23. Not sure what your answer is. you are buying ipowers sales men Mumbai jumbo. How long a battery stays over 15V “thanks for clarifying” should have no affect on a properly designed equipment using an officially standardized battery. Unless the manufacturer don’t know how to make a battery power device.
  24. I addressed someone who didn't seem to care for the voltage running at 1.2 volts. I guess the way for you to think about this equation: If you were to measure these 2 different types of cells at 1.5 volts or higher, which cell would provide a longer run time at or above 1.5 volts? There is the answer.
  25. And as I said even their own specs are exactly as I stated. Again “but maybe a little clearer”: how do you get to the conclusion that this battery will run longer than energizer lithium? who cares about the discharge rate? You should be clearer about your statement. It seam like you are saying that the 1.5V for a longer period “life “. Nobody cares about 1,5V. If your wireless performs differently lower than 1.5 the battery is the least of your problems.
  26. You asked "where do I get this?" and then talk about one being "better". I didn't say one was better or worse because of this, I made the statement that the cells at discussion here would be at 1.5 volts longer than Energizer lithium, and since a depleted Energizer Lithium has 1.5 volts for less time than the battery than the ones in this discussion, that is where I "get this".
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