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  3. Michael Capulli

    VDB Pole Creak on swing

    If you don’t put the first two sections out 100% it won’t creak. Add some to the third section to even out the weight distribution.
  4. joi b

    Show me your bag

    My 633 setup - everything in the bag running on BDS and HI-Q juice - Joi B / Reykjavik
  5. haifai

    Advice on selling used Location Sound gear.

    https://www.bblist.co.uk/ is another site to consider. Bought some things there, worked flawlessly.
  6. Ben B

    DPA 4017C

    So to follow up on my problem with my C preamp and the Lectro HM, i ended up taking contact with the distributor in my country. He contacted the DPA headquarters and they replied "Lectrosonic P48 has a different set up , but we have a fix on the MMP-C to get it work. So I need it here – the C preamp we produce today has this mod built in already". The distributor made me try a brand new preamp he had (i'm guessing with the mod) and, magic, the problem was gone! I went back home with a new working preamp and a smile on my face! Hope it will help anyone with the same problem.
  7. locationsoundvie

    Audio Limited A10 2.6 firmware problem

    Hi, had similar issues with radios not connecting to eachother eventough the RF bars show full reception. That occured since updating to 2.6.
  8. IronFilm

    Sonosax M2D2

    "Beginning" of 2019 is vague enough it might still be next month (or even the month after!)
  9. Miles Anderson

    Abetek 'RadCad' - 12 AA Caddy Charger

    is it possible to give an update of when we'll be able to place an order for one of these units? (or two).
  10. Matthias Richter

    Advice on acoustically treating the room

    Yes. Bought on eBay and cut to length.
  11. r.paterson

    Zaxcom RX200 AES output to F5/55, Any updates??

    Ive posted a few times on zaxcom.FB group about this very issue but silence from zaxcom..i find it hard to believe zaxcom dont have a legal case against sony if every other portable aes output receiver , audio ltd, lectrosonics (withbaes adaptor) ,wysicom, sony all work perfectly aes into the F5/F55 and allowed by Sony but the only manufacturer that wont work is Zaxcom!..because sony wont let them!..one of the work flows requested in uk with f55 is camera mic ch1/2 and aes mix l/r on ch3/4..which you cant do with zaxcom so have to hire a different hop system..very frustrating ..
  12. Adam Cotton

    Advice on acoustically treating the room

    Brilliant! I knew somebody must have thought about this before. Thanks for posting that. Are those standard tent poles? The banner stands linked by another user are also not a bad idea. I would love to hear a before/after recording of a room with a number of those deployed. I think some people would find religion that way, in terms of room treatment.
  13. u974

    Mixpre 10t as mixer?

    I will go with the mixpre10t as soon I sell my 664. I will let you know my impression about it.
  14. roubi

    Mixpre-10t - Talkback mic

    Indeed !
  15. resonate

    VDB Pole Creak on swing

    Mine did that some year in the spring when i was working in humid environment. Just take it apart and clean it.
  16. resonate

    Nomad Issue Again....

    I see. Sorry for being harsh. But it seems like, it will have to go to some service...
  17. Corrado

    Red, again

    Thank you so much for the suggestions and the support ! At the end I convinced the DOP to make some adjustments to the black shade mapping and we used a relatively low image compression . I also suggest the director to try to have a break every 35 minutes or so (not always possible tho) and during the pauses I asked the AC to put fan on full power (manual 100%) . So far so good ! Now a new "issue" has popped up : they asked for simultaneous translation via Skype , the translator will need to be listening to the interview and his translation to be sent to the director. I was thinking to just use a minijack splitter (in-out) from the laptop ,feed the Pc with the interview from my mixer and sending the translation to one IEM out . It looks like the most straightforward approach. Are there better ways to to this ? Will I have massive delay problems? Has anyone being in the same situation and has some advice to share? Thank you in advance !!!
  18. Vincent R.

    Mixpre-10t - Talkback mic

    Yes, well, not 3 positions, 3 tabs. One to solder output to, one to the led, one to the mic. But it's still 2 positions.
  19. Matthias Richter

    Advice on acoustically treating the room

    if I may point you to my DIY solution: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/27447-very-mobile-lightweight-setup-for-soundblankets/
  20. Constantin

    best country to sell block 26 to?

    In most of Europe block 26 is still legal
  21. Hey there sound gurus all over the world. I know this topic has been touched on, but being 2019 n all, am wondering if there's any enlightened info about getting Sony F5/55 to properly recognise the AES incoming signal without having to push the INC or DEC keys of the RX200 that will surely drive the wrong camera person a bit mad if having to do repetitively... It's not the end of the world having to do this, but would be heeeaaapps better if you didn't have to... Please tell me Sony has decided to enable this feature somehow, or Zaxcom has worked out a way to achieve this without the above steps. Many thanks! SD
  22. Philip Perkins

    View From The Office:

    TBT....me and Young Zach on the set of the PBS kids series "You Can Choose" in 1990. Note Sound Workshop Logex 8 console and Tascam 38 tape deck with outboard dbx and monitor mixer. 7 smokin' tracks of musical theatre talent and one track of fuzzy TC....
  23. afewmoreyears

    best country to sell block 26 to?

    Any country that will see your advertisement and buy your for sale items... The legalities are up to them..
  24. Yesterday
  25. Adam Cotton

    Advice on acoustically treating the room

    Thanks David. Yes I agree entirely and I expected to hear that it just isn't done. However my frame of mind is to "treat the disease" rather than try to put lipstick on a pig with microphone technique. It is frustrating to try to work around terrible sounding rooms. That LENRD product looks great. I think that's more or less the idea -- a way to get some kind of baffle in there on a stand that is quick, clean, and easy to deploy without cluttering the whole room with c-stands. It would be improved with another smaller triangular baffle on top of it, at a 45 degree angle, and put in a corner. Alternately, it would be great if there was a way to just slap materials up against walls without damaging the paint or poking hole, but I can't think of a way. Magnets don't stick to drywall. Again, I'm talking about situations where you walk into some house or office.
  26. Nate C

    best country to sell block 26 to?

    Block 26 is quite popular here in Australia.
  27. Dalton Patterson

    Advice on acoustically treating the room

    MSR, Inc. 61 Galli Drive, Suite A Novato, CA 94949 USA 800 497 2087 Toll Free 415 883 8053 Tel 415 883 8147 Fax info@msr-inc.com MSR has been doing acoustic room treatments since THX Spec was created with Dolby (1983). They are one of the pioneers. Most cheap knock off acoustic treatments do not have the licensing or decades of IP to back up their claims. On the flip side, it is very easy for a skilled individual to fabricate a suitable alternative. ( rock wool/ fiberglass board/ moving blanket). This is how I spent my summers before, Let's just say I got really good at folding moving blankets quickly. I suggest a large duffel with all the think blankets and pads you can stuff it with. Also do not forget a bunch of C-47's and large push pins. $5 or $150
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