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  2. I suppose, you ask for the v-lav micro? If so, look for linhuipad ws-1202 on aliexpress. There are also more yellowish foams with 5mm and 0.5mm inside diameter without a particular name. Both work for my similar sized MKE-1.
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  4. I have 2 of these and had the same problem but only with one of them. It's definietly the bluetooth connection. if there is an active Bluetooth connection and the speaker is getting no input signal it will go into standby mode in which only the bluetoooth light stays on after about 20 mins (haven't timed it). It will not wake up then when it gets an input on the line or mic channels you have to wake it up by conneting to it from the phone app. If there is no bluetooth coinnection to it the speaker will not got into this standby mode and will stay powered up until the battery runs out.
  5. Did a short film with one a month ago and it was quiet. One of the more friendly Red cameras - watch out for the new 9-pin Lemo input for TC though.
  6. Look at what Rycote has to offer. They have a solution for pretty much every mic. If you can't find anything specific for the Deity mic, look for Countryman B6, it should be a similar size.
  7. Thanks a lot! Do you know good universal wind protectors as well for the deity w.lav? They fall of very easily. Its just a piece of foam with a hole of about 2-3mm for the mic. I cant find any replacements online, most generic wind shields are for mics with larger diameter. Maybe its a spare part from deity. Now I cut out pieces of foam and drilled a litte hole in them, but they are not very good looking.
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  9. Both of my P2 VariCam's have kind of expensive stereo nat mics(Panasonic)(about $1500-$1600 each 10 years ago) and while I do run them in their stereo mode and know the importance of good nats and good on-camera mics, I've never had anyone say "Great stereo camera nats". What's more important than stereo nats(nats themselves are important), is intelligible voices in those times when that's the only mic around(those with news, sports, doc backgrounds know what I mean). I honestly wouldn't worry about a stereo camera mic. When the Sanken CS-M1 came out, I decided to get that as
  10. Speaking of Jared... Subway used to be the title sponsor of a race, and I had to do a shoot with him at the racetrack that was to run either pre-race or somewhere in the broadcast. We had to climb over pit wall to get to the spot where we were shooting. He sat down on the wall and slid across it. Of course, he was already wired and wearing the pack... And 14 years later, the paint from pit wall is STILL ground into the transmitter.
  11. Any big difference in audio gain between the DCHR/DCHT channel and the other 3 channels?
  12. Did anyone solve this issue ? I can’t even click the option to change the audio input for ch1. If I press the menu button, it says “cannot proceed” thanks
  13. Hi everyone, Im about to upgrade my top mic for my FX9 and my initial thought was to purchase one Sennheiser 416 for situations where I need dialoge for people who is not wearing pen mics. And a stereo mic for ambient sound when I'm filming environment and b-roll. But then I was suggested to look at Sennheiser ms 418 or Sanken CMS-50 and skip the 416 and just use one mic for both situations. It is definitely tempting and would be great if it as great as I think but there is very little good reviews about this setup and mics. Any thoughts or other suggestions would be very appreciated!
  14. Could it be due to latency difference with digital hybrid.?
  15. I used to love Subway. First the sneaker rubber in the bread. Then came the no tuna in the tuna. Lest we forget Jared... Subway can't catch a break, lol.
  16. HSE - DayPlay.MOV HSE - Patrushka.MOV
  17. An in-depth article that answers a burning question with a definitive "We don't know."
  18. Countryman B3 are affordable, robust and sound good too.
  19. Many folks like the (USA made) Oscar SoundTech 801/802 (TR-50 clone), Still under $150 (usd) the last time I looked. The 4mm end-fire TL-40 (flatter response) is another OST model. OST's customer service is very good.
  20. The important point of the story was since the Subway tuna was cooked, the DNA was altered to the point they couldn't tell what kind of fish it was from. That and fishermen tend to call the fish they caught that which will bring the highest price. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  21. I was on a gig and 3 talking heads became 4. Its a 3 camera shoot and Ive only an SRC blk 940 and 2 smqvs and a UCR 411 blk 19 and smqv. I was looking at a hard wired ECM 77 couldn't get wire to not show on super wide lockdown shot. So I remembered I have my hop DCHT/DCHR....I will just turn it around and use one mic into the splitter cable and VOILA.... I have 4 wireless. I was using the Dugan auto mix feature, had all 4 selected and as soon as the dcht/dchr combo was closed it wouldn't open again!! Quick moment of panic, battery check, turn off and back on and its working, I ended up taking
  22. In the ongoing saga of low-end production. I can't tell if the reporter is doing a deep investigation or practicing for being a producer. The big tuna sandwich mystery Julia Carmel, New York Times June 20, 2021Updated: June 20, 2021 11:41 a.m. [snip] As The Washington Post reported in late January, Subway — the world’s largest sandwich chain — is facing a class-action lawsuit in California that claims its tuna sandwiches “are completely bereft of tuna as an ingredient.” Subway, for its part, has categorically denied the allega
  23. On the SRB receiver, we found and corrected a fault in the 1st conversion oscillator for channel 1. On both transmitters and the receiver we installed many circuit updates (hardware) that had come out since the products were originally manufactured. On all units we updated the firmware and of course, did a full alignment on all devices sent in for repair. We added laser engraving to the SRB housing to indicate that it had been "upgraded to SRB".
  24. Hello! We hear ya! EMBRACE comes as a standalone microphone with a set of two earmounts, or you can now purchase the new LAV SWITCH KIT which comes with a set of 3 different colored earmounts. https://www.point-sourceaudio.com/lavalier_switch_kit/ Your input will definitely be passed along to our marketing and development team. Thank you for your interest!
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  26. Which carry bag did you choose? I'm deciding what to buy, if a hardcase or a soft bag.
  27. I guess the deity w.lav pro will not last long. And I didnt find any replacement wind shields for it, as the capsule is very small (2mm). Does anyone know some cheap lavalier mics that are screw-on sennheiser compatible like the w.lavs and a little more robust? Maybe with thicker cables? Then I probably will leave these mics here in my bag as a backup. For the headphone output of the duo rx I just soldered a screw-on male minijack connector adapter to female minijack for my headphones as plugging the headphones directly in the duo rx is not a stable connection at all.
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