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  2. Fascinating! Thanks for the warning. Weren’t thinking of buying, most definitely won’t be buying now.
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  4. Well i thought i just rewire some Roland Roland WPM-10 Wear Pro to be used one a ZOOM, or antyhing with plugin power.... well so far so good but watch and listen what then happens... |
  5. Well thank you ! i ordered my boards a few weeks ago ! i think i got the basics nailed by now but who knows hahah i always want them in my hands to be realy sure. i might have missed the brightness of the LED's or the position .. since those are rather critical in my design. if i cant manage anymore failures i will definitely contact ! thanks in advance !! a 12 way would maybe be possible i rather not make to many of them to be honest, one reason is it is on the limit of the DC converter, as well as i dont think its a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket when on set. 2 times 8 or 1 8 and one 4 would be a better fail save. but ofcourse its your choice, if i can make them and you really really want, im sure i can cook something up. Kind regards Joppe
  6. mano

    Camera hop setups?

    Sennheiser G3 set with SMA mod and Phantom power blocking cables here. No issues and very cheap
  7. The bands Howler and The Frights ring as present day surf where I'm from.
  8. To go along with the Sony here has anyone tried the "new" Sony URX-S03D? Their two channel slot receiver? Just stumbled upon it recently, looks interesting and at a pretty good price point.
  9. So along these lines but slightly different, I was curious what you all did when it's taken an extended period to get paid? I'm talking much longer than you thought.... I was hired by a local DP for a documentary shoot, that had some big name athletes involved. Went up did the one day shoot and turned in my invoice to the producer (who the DP has worked with before), even got my buddy on as the gaffer. It's now been 3 months and nothing, no one has been paid. Reached out to the DP to see if he has been paid yet and he hasn't. Reached out to the producer multiple times now and she keeps telling me she's sick, or bedridden or whatever and will get it out next week. The DP reached out last week again and she told him that it will get paid out this week, but as of yesterday was still being vague about it. I briefly spoke to another mixer I've worked with and he suggested giving her a timeline to pay then filing for small claims, which is the route we (the gaffer and I) are about to take if this doesn't get resolved ASAP. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this and what they did about it.
  10. I use a clip made by sound guys solutions.
  11. Ah, I was thinking (but didn't write!) at the time "I hope the SRD is a quad channel receiver, to make full use of the new Sound Devices SL-2" My comment makes a little more sense then in referencing to the price of Lectros current (non-superslot) quad receiver. I'm sure it is just merely a remarkable coincidence! After all there are so many tumbleweeds in New Mexico, it isn't surprising at all from a statistical analysis.
  12. John. You never cease to amaze me with your wealth of knowledge.
  13. There are different TRRS wirings in use: The URX uses the OMTP wiring scheme rather than the CTIA version that Apple uses. Note that a TRS plug that standard headphones use will work in either due to the longer sleeve that contacts ground in both cases. More info and credit for the above illustration: https://www.cablechick.com.au/blog/understanding-trrs-and-audio-jacks/
  14. Lectro IFBT4 transmitter and then a Sennheiser G3 receiver with the pilot turned off. Works like a charm and is dirt cheap.
  15. I wonder what the test would look like with the new cyclone compared to a cinela from today. Have there any tests been conducted? Just curious if the results are any different, since this has been done like 5years ago
  16. I don use pouches. There is nothing that can break since the screen is surrounded by the antenna and the headphone jack. The rest of it is rock solid!
  17. Mungo

    Camera hop setups?

    Sony UWP-D is small, lightweight and very versatile. Not only in case of powering (AA, USB). You can use the SMA adaptor for the MI Shoe on Sony cameras like FS7, FX9, Alpha. The mono version has true diversity and a very very reliable reception in my experience. But: The 2ch receiver mode has no diversity, also the transmission is analogue (companding artifacts when you look for them). Deity Connect: digital transmission in stereo HQ from just one transmitter. The 2,4 Ghz band doesn't harm your other (serious) wireless receivers at all. The receiver is lightweight, but bulky. Delay of 19ms. Both can achieve a quite hot O/P level.
  18. I have a DSQD in a bag with a 633 hooked up to some SNA600s. I’m waiting for some Betso Bowties to hook up to it. It’s been pretty good with a few things I’ve noticed. in the summer here in Utah it gets pretty hot, just be mindful of how much sun you give it. I’ve never had it overheat, but it’s felt too hot to the touch for me sometimes. I’ve got walkie hits before when they were keyed. Doesn’t happen often, but it’s good to be aware of how close you are to them with the DSQD. i love the Dbu Tx paired with it, range is just as good as my SMVs and SMWBs and it sounds super clean. The Dbu boots up and shuts down fast too! I like that. I don’t like to use my one DBu I own with my older Tx’s in a mix because the Dbu doesn’t have Smart NR. It sounds weird when it’s in a Dugan mix with Tx’s with NR. I know I could turn the others NR off, but I just use the DBu for now on interviews or single talent stuff. If you gain it right, the noise floor can be very low but I still wish the Dbu could do Smart NR as well with the new digital modulation. ive also had some bad luck with the DSQD in ratio mode a couple of times now, like a weird phasing between the blended receivers. Also a firmware version back the DSQD didn’t like it when you had two receivers in switch mode on the same channel with the SMWBs; it would make this clicking sound. The clicking went away with this last firmware update though so that’s good. I would buy another if I had the cash to put in my 688 bag with 3 src’s in an SL6 so I don’t have to move it between my two bigger bags also another cool thing is you can hook it up to a laptop via usb and control it with Wireless Designer. Pretty cool app.
  19. Just use a Tentacle Sync E, you say you "just want to keep it simple". Well, using Tentacles is how you keep it simple! Learn how, it is easy, and very fast to do once setup right.
  20. It's absolutely an improvement! I don't think that's being disputed, it's more that using the audio fed to the DSLR instead of the tracks recorded directly on your F8n means choosing to add noise (and potentially some coloration of the sound) due to the DSLR pre-amps. While the audio from the F8n fed to the DSLR will still be a vast improvement from a Video Mic, it's in the nature of sound folks to want to recommend the workflow that will result in the absolutely best, crispiest sound you can get. 😄 I'd also add that, if you're interested in the entire process of filmmaking and audio through to post-production, editing footage without syncing the ISO tracks from your mixer before you start cutting can have a cascade of sometimes unfortunate effects on the post audio process. For your post sound editor and mixer, having more flexibility in how they build the audio world of a film means you get better results. Sometimes a mix track sent to a camera is perfect and able to be used in the final mix. Other times, and especially in narrative, the sound folks need to get in and edit or remove things in the individual isolated tracks (boom, lav, plant mics, etc) to build a quality mix. It may be that you're doing it all yourself right now, but planning for the future and building good workflows that will scale up to when you are able to bring in more people to work on your films is never a bad thing. Dual system (camera and audio recorded separate) is pretty common, so learning those workflows now will only make things easier for you as your work and films grow.
  21. JWL

    Zaxcom URX100

    Thanks Jason, that did the trick. boy, stay away from the trRs headphones with these! What pouches are people using for these? Im in reality TV and need a protective pouch that still lets the producers change channels regularly. ie. a pouch with a transparent window.
  22. Last week
  23. You can get a DC blocking circuit built into your audio cables. Personally, I've used 411s and SRb and definitely sent p48 to them accidentally. Nothing was damaged.
  24. Just use phantom blocking cables... DCHT + M2r is a very reliable and versatile setup. You won’t get quite to -20 on a Mini but that’s a small drawback IMO
  25. I agree with this. The only real reason in my head for the slot design is to double a a hop on camera, but with the DCHT etc that’s less of a need. But RF performance and range are the biggest issues in my everyday work life as well. Which is why I’m considering running a DSQD
  26. after a software update the DNS2 got a HPF. But in my experience if you‘ve got dialog on top of a low freq noise you‘ll still get those pumping / gate effects
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