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  2. Thanks. Yes, I should have made my query clear in that I was talking about only GoPro shots. Appreciate you confirming 23.976.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Jeff. I think I'm likely going to order some Penn Elcoms and return the Stars.
  4. Until they went out of business, several of us relied on Rackman because they were the only one doing aluminum. The Star Case stuff eventually was done in aluminum but you are right that it was inconsistent and not very well made. I looked into the Penn Elcom drawers but when I first looked into those they did not have aluminum - -- that was a deal breaker for me as I was always striving for lighter weight stuff. That's what drove me to be one of the first to experiment with LiFe batteries for cart power (easily a 10th of the weight of the very common sealed lead acid batteries).
  5. I would think you will need to match A-Cam unless you are shooting only with GoPros. If production is running multiple frame rates across different cameras, you need to work out with post what they synch plan will be, since they will presumably be doing some sort of pull-down to intermingle the footage. More likely, they will just run everything at 23.976 and that's what you should use. It's news to me that they would use anything else.
  6. Can anyone tell me what the standard GoPro Hero 10/11 matching TC for double-system should be? Given it runs at either 30 or 60 fps, run 30ND for standard 30fps recording? And straight-up 23.976 for 24 fps in 4K? Thanks in advance. Tom
  7. I'm afraid this hasn't been a good experience so far. I e-mailed their support two weeks ago. Heard nothing, so I bugged them after a week. This did produce a response asking for a photo of the damage and some particulars about the item. I send it promptly. Since then, nothing. So, to sum up, it's been two weeks since I first enquired, and I still don't know whether they can repair it, despite sending them the information they requested. I'll keep bugging them, but this isn't stellar service.
  8. Resurrecting an old thread- Can anyone compare the Star Case Drawers vs the Penn Elcom Drawers? The Star drawers seem to be inconsistent / have cheap latches.
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  10. I 2nd this. When the wardrobe is multilayered and typically challenging - this rig with dpa lavs is so clean it is like following talent with a close boom it is a delicate balance with the foamies for sure - too loose and the mic slips out. Too tight and the foamie is so compacted it loses its isolation effect and transfers all the noise
  11. I have send you an updated version to try. If it is a better fit I'll post it again on the forum. In case anybody wants to test/try the updated version. (see it as a public beta:) Please send a PM.
  12. I ran into the same issue of wanting a more snug fit. I had one of my son’s friends with a 3D printer modify the stl file into several smaller versions. I now have a bunch that I have been using almost exclusively. It’s still a bit on the bulky side but eliminates almost all clothing rustle. It has quickly become my go to rig with my DPAs.
  13. Last week
  14. Can you get the EVO compander in the MTP40? I've only got ENC or ENR in all of mine...
  15. He was not wearing a tie. That is always a first choice for me as well.
  16. Hi Olle, sorry and thank you for the note. I corrected that 🙂
  17. A tie rig would be my first choice, but it wasn't mentioned in the description of the costume.
  18. The CS-106 has three Nagra sockets—two (in and out) for a stereo Nagra (IV-S) and one with both ins and outs for a mono Nagra (4.2). Has anyone ever used both at the same time? I am experimenting with ambient recordings and would like to try it. I’ll wait a day for comments and then if nobody says “don’t”, I’ll try myself and report back.
  19. DSG, The beauty of this rig is that if it moves it doesn't move much at all and if it rolls left and right, the lav is surrounded by a Plush cushion. If you hear any rustling it will most likely be from fabric to fabric noise. Not fabric on mic noise. I have used this rig just inside the top seam of a dark t-shirt too. It worked as long as the actor didn't look down and cover the lav with his chin (chins).
  20. Sandor, I have built similar rigs. They can work well if the thickness of the rig doesn't show the wardrobe bulging. I have discovered many mixers dislike the RM-11 these days. Yes, we have lots of other rigs to use now but I find they are still a viable option with moleskin or Joe's Sticky Stuff in certain applications. I know a guy who still uses footballs to sandwich his lavs. If it works, great. Your pics remind me of when I ran with Sonotrim and Sonotram mic rigs and used their windscreens. Thanks for sharing. DSG, If you buy a couple URSA Plush Circles (I have not tried their large fabric squares to know if it is the same fabric), you will be able to feel the difference between those and an Overcover. The Plush is made with fabric "hairs" that are less stiff. And I think the base fabric mesh is a bit more transparent sonically. The downside is that they are PRICEY. URSA thinks highly of them I guess. Add them to the UPM expendables list.
  21. Half the time I use the under-the-collar rigging with starched shirts I don't get clothing rustle anymore but I get perfectly clear beard stubble scrapping against the starched collar sound effects. Just in case anyone needs that. They generally don't. I am a big fan of tie-knot rigging with a B6 if the guy isn't wearing a $400 french tie and he doesn't mind the intrusion. If I am desperate to eliminate clothing and hair noise I tell them my backup plan is a staple gun. I love the look on their faces.
  22. Under the collar would have been my go-to for a starched shirt. Even if I can get the mic immobile, I always hear too much of the starched fabric rubbing against itself when the mic is on the torso.
  23. Just ran into this issue today on the job. CEO of automotive supplier was wearing a starched shirt with a jacket. Used my go to b6 with a furry over cover in space between chest button, no luck. Pulled that rig and used a white b6 just under center chest button. Button hid the b6 perfectly. No more rustle. I will try the rig PMC has posted next time.
  24. yeah, haven't seen that rig. nice option for when adhesive may not do the job. sometimes more adhesive just means more noise as it slowly rips loose. my go-to for reality shoots with little time and unknown action is cos-11 in an RM-11 with winscreen on, prerigged with snot tape on the back, and an overcover stuck to the other side. mounted to clothing with overcover against the body it works in many situations. Learned that one through the grapevine from Rylan Kerbes in vancouver.
  25. Thanks! Good to know about the Plush being better than Overcovers, which is what I use. I would worry about it moving around under heavy activity, but I'll play around with it. Thanks for sharing!
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