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  4. i wonder if it would be possible to add a battery pack thru usb charging port if somebody would need a really loooong day of shooting (maybe someplace really remote). Could work.
  5. Here’s an idea for diy’ing. Buy split shaft collars and machine a handle to have the right thread on one side. Add a rubber grip. I’m not a huge fan of the innovative rotating handles because they have a tendency to slip when you need them. Like going up a ramp.
  6. Hey Trouvier, In my experience Power Banks are not significantly cheaper than np-f 'L' batteries (per Wh). 'L' batts fit directly to 6 / 8 series recorders and some have USB I/O. Very versatile. The USB to Hirose cables are a good idea to have in back up or for a static rig but as secure as the Hirose end of the cable is, the USB end of the cable isn't and USB panel connectors get easily damaged. I use a HW battery mount in my bag to O/P 12 volts if needed from L series batteries and many bag devices will work from 7.2 anyway (eg MCR42). For c. cost of 1 Audioroot 96Wh batte
  7. Hi Jon, did you purchase this kit new or used? What are the firmware versions and serial numbers, please?
  8. Marvelous pet you have Pat
  9. Hi, I use an M/S basket with 2x MBHO modular mics. They are pretty similar in weight and size to the Schoeps CCM6 modular mics. I have a bunch of different shockmount lying here and ask myself which are the right/best ones for my specific needs. I'll switch to the Lyre ones as the traditional rubber bands don'T isolate good enough - especially true for the figure8. I don't use the M/S combo for fast changes on the boom but often just carry it in my hands with a pistol grip. The softest Lyres (62) would allow for the best isolation as far as I understood,
  10. Hey everyone, I know things are a bit funky right now so I don't imagine anything popping up other than MOW's and the odd commercial. But I'd like to put myself out there as a Sound assist. I usually do sound for smaller projects on the side and being based in Vancouver, BC, there's PLENTY of indies going about. Honestly looking for someone to learn from. This is a great time to really focus while it's slow and do things right. Please feel free to reach me via email or call/text. I am as of this post available 100%. Firstpositiondavid@gmail.com
  11. Big day had by the boys..... Lochie (4)( Propeller tail ) and Smooch (3)( Poo eating weirdo).. The most gorgeous Lily (12 years old ) .... Loves almonds, apple skins and apple doughnuts ( the Japanese peeler/spiralizer gets lots of work ) scratches around the neck and having her hand held....
  12. I believe the Inovativ rods are 1.5” Their handles aren’t cheap of course, but if they fit your cart, I would say they are solid. I’m not sure how one would DYI the twist lock mechanism, which is quite clever imho.
  13. Did anything become of this? I just purchased a set which includes an src, two SMQVs, and an hma in 941 and I’m getting some fuzzy kind of sounds on transients, like I’m having reception issues except my reception cones are 100% full. They seemed to test fine but while I’m rolling I hear it, and it makes me pretty nervous. This on a completely clear scan.
  14. Been awhile since this thread started. All of our greyhounds from my earlier post have past on. We now have a pair of black hounds and the photo of the little girl below shows who is in charge.
  15. I'm working on a follow cart and would love to add some inovativ grip handles that rotate. I'm waiting to hear from them to see what the diameter of the rods are on their carts to match, but was wondering if anyone has done this modification at all, or have made similar modifications with DIY handles? They would be attaching the the sides of a rack case.
  16. Thanks to everyone for their advice! I ended up going with a bunch of penn elcomm drawers. They were extremely helpful on the phone and were able to get all the drawers to me in 2 days with free shipping! I'll be building the cart on Monday, so we shall see how it all turns out. I'll be adding some rear supports for sure. I ended up going with 14" deep drawers since I don't need the 18", so gotta figure out how to support them. Info and photos to come! Steve
  17. Yesterday
  18. Sebastian and I coming home from a hike: Our 11 y.o. schnauzer mix. Just found out he has some bad discs, hip dysplasia and arthritis. The good news is that with medication he's about 95% back to his old self, just moves a little slower. He takes after me…
  19. Since our daughter is off to college, Jane and I have inherited two rabbits and a mouse - the mouse "Baby" passed away last week at the ripe old age of about 1.75 years... the rabbits - "Bert" is a California, and "Francis" is an American Sable. Super quiet, fairly clean, gentle animals. But they can be mischievous, too. Every once in a while, they'll figure out how to get out of the cage, and just hop around and check stuff out, hide under the bed, etc. Fortunately, they are not "chewers" so nothing gets damaged.
  20. No headphone out jacket for US models. Thanks a lot, Zaxcommunists!
  21. THS - if this was early enough in the "discovery process" (figuring out the cause) then yes, it's possible that the hardware fix had not yet been developed and thus there was no warranty work to correct it. But, you bring up a good point about the wiring - different lav mic wiring schemes show a lot of variation in this problem. And, you are correct that the "servo only" wiring schemes (figs 9, 10 and 11 on this page) do not exhibit the issue. Since the "universal" wiring allows wiring of transmitters that were made pre-2005, I would suggest to everyone to use the servo-only wiring unless you
  22. I am in favor of using 4x8 or 12 black thick cardboard boards creating a sound baffle which stand up on their own, when a couple of them are taped together. More effective than sound blankets, zero erection time and no reflections (camera department loves them due to the negative bounce). Not easily foldable like the sound blankets, but I strap them on top of my car, IKEA ad style.
  23. Does anyone purchase iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 pro? which color is better? I think green is not bad. what about blue? And is there a coupon for it? I want to buy one of them. Please give me some advices.😄
  24. I ordered two. Very curious about them. Thought of using them as backup recorders for difficult wireless situations. I know I could also use Zax wireless instead, but I‘m not. Size will be a very real advantage of these, although I agree that Lectro may have the edge with build quality. Although it’s hard to say, I‘ve never had a problem with the Sync E‘s either. They will also make a very nice and light backup recorder for bag work. And I intend to use them as very inconspicuous ambience recorders, for a low profile stereo atmos.
  25. Checked it out. Thing is, there's no real store I can go to and actually see it, the only way is through the internet and potentially order the wrong product over and over.. Very frustrating.
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