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  2. Oh yeah, I did get those as well. Didn’t really notice them as thought they wanted to sell mattresses
  3. Lots of good advice here already, and you may need to try different ones to find your best solution. I don’t have much else to add, except for three things: - the cell phone idea sounded very tempting to me too, a while ago and I looked into it. So far it’s a dead end. The latency can be terrible and it can vary, so it’s annoying. The sound quality out of a phone is pretty bad, unless you can go USB in like with a MixPre, but IIRC that won’t go over the phone line. There are Bluetooth devices that will pretend to be a headset, and they have XLR inputs, but this adds even more to the latency. once you finally have you cell phone system up and running, you‘re bound to shoot somewhere where there’s no cell service and so you‘ll need to have another system in place and I‘d say it makes more sense to focus on that other system from the start. - getting antennas outside of the car is a big help, but instead of magnet mounts, I highly recommend suction cups. They basically cannot come off and everyone else uses them, too, so you can always borrow one. - hitching a ride on the SDI stream is a pretty good idea, but if the director and whoever else will be in the follow car, too, they will likely expect to rely on your audio to help communicating with the picture car, even when the camera is off or out of range.
  4. issue solved... did it with a trxla 743 and a qpl 4.31 fw. that was the trick. who could have known... 😉
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  6. Thanks Dalton, are you using this cable? Strangely it is not listed in Mogami's latest catalog. It has the model 2931 (also sold on this site but I am not in the USA). I have read in a forum that the model 2602 you are pointing at is an old model but no-one can get the specifications. The 2931 however is also a 4 channels and has a 8.6mm(0.339") ext diam. It seems a bit big for my purpose but would appreciate feedback if anyone is using it, especially about flexibility. Shastapete I still have to explore these LAN cables option for running microphones signal, I heard about it and it was controversial. Maybe in a post here, I will search. It would work since Cat6, 6a,7 and now 8 are very well shielded. Have you had experience with any?
  7. LCR is a spaced array of mics, so I'd probably just do home runs to the recorder. But, you can run 4 channels of audio over a cat5 cable, so since you're not "running and gunning" with this set up, a small stage box at the "C" mic with all three cabled in would give you a small and easy to replace cable back to your recorder wherever you want to be with that – there are many commercial options out there, but it is also pretty easy to DIY
  8. How about a three or four-channel snake cable. I have an old 3-channel snake that is about 6 or 7mm diameter. It is not super flexible though. I will look at the model # when I can.
  9. Hello, I am in the process of getting an LCR stereo setup for the first time (after years of 2 channels stereo recordings). Those of you who have used it for a while, what cable would you recommend to built my own XLR7 cables? I have been doing some research and have not yet found a proper cable with 3 pairs, good flexibility, and a suitable ext. diameter of no more than 6mm. Thanks Fred
  10. Good idea, I post it there now. True, but that is why we have learned to record ambient sound that bring space but do not have significant event. Significant I mean that serve the narration or just would attract attention. We record these as mono wild or fx for post to put in the space as required. For exemple for wide ambient of Wind blowing in a forest it does not matter where you are seated if the Left and right are well balanced. Also we record ambient that do not necessarily require sweet spot and if there are small events they must have no problem being played to the audience seated closest to the speaker (ex. A dog barking very far away). In fact, any sound even mono being sent in a specific speaker will be perceived differently depending on where the listener is seated. So maybe actually (thinking out loud now) the sweet spot issue applies anyway for any setup. I mean re-recording mixers rarely work too far from their sweet spot do they?
  11. Mini FL is the newest version, then the audio input is Lemo 6pin, with 2 keys placed at 30 degrees either side of pin 1. The cable Lemo is FGA.0B.306.CLAD42
  12. A Zaxcom camera link in the car transmitting with ZHD modulation will give you the best combination of no compromise audio quality and signal integrity in a mobile car to car kind of production. With recording transmitters, any number of transmitters can be replayed in sync to monitor after the fact if needed. Use a magnet mount on the transmitter car if possible.
  13. Anyone interested in selling their mini papi?
  14. After a few years of designing, testing and developing we are proud to introduce the next evolution of Soundbag Dashboards. We have created a new modular design that will allow users to completely customize their Soundbag Dashboard to their exact setup: Soundbag Dashboards Goes Modular Introducing the next evolution of Soundbag Dashboards. We’ve taken the original concept of the Soundbag Dashboard and evolved it to be completely modular and customizable to a sound mixer’s exact setup. The new modular design allows the end user to create a completely customizable Soundbag Dashboard. How it works Start by choosing a Soundbag Dashboard “Rail” to fit your mixer/recorder. Each Soundbag Dashboard mixer rail is designed to fit perfectly to a specific mixer, with no modifications needed. No messy adhesive, velcro or straps! Just like the original Soundbag Dashboard, the low profile Soundbag Dashboard Rails seamlessly attach to your mixer using existing mounting points. Next, choose from our selection of low profile “Brackets” that fit your wireless receivers. Soundbag Dashboards has designed brackets for most of today’s top wireless receivers, including Lectrosonics, Shure, Sound Devices and more. Just like the mixer rails, every Soundbag Dashboard receiver bracket is precision machined to attach to a specific wireless receiver, using pre-existing mounting points. You can choose from single receiver brackets or dual brackets. Single brackets hold one receiver while dual brackets allow you to stack two receivers at a time. Soundbag Dashboards also has a bracket for some of the most popular Battery Distribution Systems on the market. Now, slide the receiver brackets onto the “Rail” and position them wherever works best for you. When you’re happy with the positioning, you can lock them in place by tightening the set screws located at the bottom of the Soundbag Dashboard rail, using the provided Allen key. Brackets can slide parallel with the rail or, in a Soundbag Dashboards first, the brackets can be turned 90 degrees to the rail, so you can fit more receivers onto your Soundbag Dashboard and allow even more customization of your setup. There you go! You’ve now created your own custom Soundbag Dashboard that is personalized to your exact kit. Features - All components are precision machined out of lightweight, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminium, for years of use in the most extreme conditions. There are no printed plastic parts that can warp, crack or break. - All components are anodized for a high quality, great looking finish. - Soundbag Dashboards keeps your Soundbag organized by keeping all your equipment locked in place - As manufacturers introduce new audio equipment, Soundbag Dashboards will create new rails and brackets to allow you to update your kit, without having to purchase a whole new Dashboard. Current Compatible Equipment Mixer / Recorders: Sound Devices Mixpre 6, Mixpre 10, 833, 888, 664/688, 633, Zoom F8 (Sound Devices Scorpio coming soon) Wireless Receivers: Lectrosonics 411, Lectrosonics SR series, Lectrosonics DSR4, Sound Devices A-10 / A-20, Shure ADX5D and Wisycom. BDS: Deity SPD-1, Audio Root VM DBox, Audio Root eSmart BG-DH mkII, Battery Bud v1 and 2, Remote Audio BDS RM. Soundbag Dashboards Modular Dashboard System… Taking your Soundbag to the next level! for more info visit the website: www.soundbagdashboards.com Available to buy at our website or ask for them at your favourite location sound retailer.
  15. I do not recall what model , but it was a main stream radio from a NY production rental house. The PTT had a 'hold' option and I had to solder together a custom cable instead of an external headset.
  16. How do you keep the walkie cuing? In my experience, they "time out" after a certain period.
  17. This is a longshot but I’ve had it happen with Lemo connectors where if all the bits inside aren’t assembled correctly (i.e. backwards/upside down), the block with pins inside could be positioned too far back to make proper contact.
  18. Hi there, it's been a while since I posted. happy this community is still existing. I've had peace with my Nomad/RX12 Setup for some time but sometimes I have to do bag jobs and I realize I need to get the weight down. So my colleague has a Nova which he normally also uses also with an RX12 but now we are trying to get the NOVA Doc-Setup working and unfortunantely it's not behaving how it should do... this is the situation after installing 2 QRX212 into the Nova1: I can see the QRX212 modules being recognized and I can set frequency and modulation so that I can get reception. But there is only reception on 1 of the four possible channels. That's in dual mode, in sigle mode it's even not reocgnizing the transmitter at all. With everything set right, no matter if the modulation is mono, XR or ZHD96. I have some pictures uploaded which show it. there seems to be a conflict in the machine with the frequencies chaging which I derive from a flickering display which is also visible in the video. The Nova has FW 4.47. The QRX Modules have the FW 4.13P. So because I was suspecting the FW I've trying to update it to 4.38 but I got stuck with the message Waiting QR2 438. I did that with my RX12 which i updated to the latest FW 2.16 to make sure that's not the problem... Update: While i was writing this I changed the modules to other ones , also qrx212 with the same FW version and oh wonder and surprise. it's working! typical Zaxcom moment. Have to find out. Maybe it was a contact problem with the pins that I hadn't inserted the modules properly into the slots... Yet another update: modules are not receivering constantly. Everything's offline now. And after some time I can't get it to work at all anymore Does it maybe have anything to do with the qrx / mrx setting in the advanced engineering menu? I have tried both... I anybody out there has a Nova setup working with the old qrx212 modules. please get in touch with me! IMG_1468.MOV Sorry topic naming was supposed to be "...QRX 212...
  19. Using a Comtek basestation has been good for controlled drives. But when following in cities or on freeways I’ve also included a mini mite, which can be hidden behind one of the car seats. Clipping the receiving Comteks to the front visors, and even plugging them into the follow vehicle’s stereo has worked out really well.
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