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  2. I used this for a handheld mic holder but now I use it on the front of my kit bag. It’s adjustable. Has a clip on it. Holds boom pole and sometimes my umbrella! cheers https://ktekpro.com/product/kbac2-boom-accessory-clip/
  3. Looks like this could be DIY made in two seconds, with a short section of PVC pipe cut off, plus a cable tie. (especially the second picture, that's what it looks like has been done. Together with some black tape wrapped around the white PVC pipe, so that it blends in better with the rest of the costume rather than standing out like a sore thumb)
  4. Does anyone in our general population work on or know anyone who works on live car racing shows, specifically NBC Sports or Fox Sports here in the US? More specifically, NASCAR or IndyCar? I'm working on a future corporate video, which will take place at a car race track. The presenter/talent wants to use a belt holster for a stick mic, like what's shown in the attachments. They kind of look homemade, a bit of PVC pipe attached to a belt clip... and I haven't been able to source a commercially made one. Anyone out there ever been around these things and know if they are available to purchase? Thanks! Dave Wendlinger San Francisco
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  6. Unfortunately he isn’t converting 416s either. I’m not sure what Pete did to convert them, but it sounds like it’s a lot more of a process than with Schoeps mics.
  7. Thanks, but my goal is to get cables in Kenya/East Africa. There are no distributors there. The one listed when you type in Kenya on their website is in the Middle East... Besides, I would used a company to import, not doing it myself. So how do they contract distributors if they do not answer their e-mails?
  8. I noticed there has been a sale on Phonak Roger systems ever since the Microsone was announced.... someone is feeling threatened? Definitely harder to justify the full cost of a Phonak Roger now there is an alternative on the market.
  9. That is really great news. I had a good email exchange with Bill, he said he would give servicing Pete-modded CMCs a shot too. Unfortunately that 8-chan pre he made was a one-off and he isn't doing them any more.
  10. Thank you. I think I got the answer I was looking for around the 20min mark (if anyone else is wondering)
  11. I might have of missed it, but what happens when the battery in the earpiece needs replacing after several years? Do I send it back to manufacturer or will I just buy a replacement earpiece?
  12. Not to worry... plenty of nap time in my comfy climate controlled car. Been doing these occasional long days for nearly 40 years. I can sleep anywhere, anytime. Cheers, Tim
  13. Make sure your control surface doesn't have the latest firmware from iCON, but instead has the specific firmware from Sound Devices themselves (head their warning too and don't use MacOS Catalina): https://www.sounddevices.com/firmware-form/?file=iconMScorpio_2-09 https://cdn.sounddevices.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Icon-User-Guide.pdf
  14. I just got three of mine back from Bill and he has done some exceptional work. He was even able to undo the blue dot that one of them had, as well as make a minor repair another had on the interior. Highly recommended.
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  16. I think you’ll find a lot of the answers to your questions in this live stream I did with Allen Williams. Preorders begin on Tuesday.
  17. Hi, Has anyone faced any issues with the Icon Platform M+ Controller while using it with the Scorpio? Mine freezes at times - Sometimes the shift key stops working and at times the Coms send button freezes and refuses to turn off. Also, sometimes the entire unit freezes and none of the buttons work - I have to restart the controller for it to start working again. I have installed the latest firmware on the Scorpio and the Platform M+ but that did not help. I plan to upgrade to the CL-16 eventually but if anyone has faced similar issues and managed to fixed them, I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
  18. Where are you recording? Could it be the 416 is more sensitive in the HF range?
  19. @Rick ReinekeThanks for your reply Rick, I hope its not fake Bought from bax-shop.co.uk Ill check just in case! Thanks @Mobilemike I thought that too, just not sure as I've never had one before. I uploaded to WeTransfer now https://we.tl/t-wXeCNBytSW
  20. Your audio files are not playing for me, but I’m on my phone at the moment. The 416 is a fairly bright microphone so it makes sense that the hiss you hear would be concentrated more in the high frequencies than for a flatter mic.
  21. I am not sure about the HF noise. Did the mic come from a reputable seller? There were counterfeit 416s being sold on eBay and elsewhere a few years and they are likely some still around. There is information and photos to ID a counterfeit from an original. I do not recall a URL, but a search should be quick .
  22. Seems like the wav files above don't play. I've attached as a Zip file. Thanks! 884974146_Mictests.zip
  23. Hi Everyone, I've recently purchased a brand new Sennheiser 416 p48 A much needed upgrade from my Rode ntg4 I noticed the Sennheiser 416 has a bit of hiss on the higher frequencies. I wanted to know if this is normal or if I should get a replacement. I've attached a sample recording and a screen shot of a frequency analyser. Of both 416 and ksm 137 for comparison. I thought it may be my preamp but when I compare to my Shure ksm 137 the high frequency noise is not there. Which rules out noisy cables also. The Shure ksm 137 has 14dba Self noise and the 416 has 13 dba. The 416 just sounds noisier? Can anyone take a quick look an let me know if the noise is normal? Thanks so much!!! Jimmy Sennheiser 416 Test.wav Shure Ksm 137 Test.wav
  24. Their website hasn't been updated in a while, but they have this: https://www.gothamsound.com/product/bt100-quad-battery-charger
  25. I have a not-very-old MKH50 and noticed RF interference in certain locations that I think was originating from security or CCTV systems in the building. I sent it off the Sennheiser to be looked at and the engineer said it needed a new board which would be £250 to fix. Was a bit annoyed that I had to pay to fix their design fault that they appeared to know about but not own up to, but that lead nowhere. Seems any second hand MKH50 could have this issue. I still wouldn’t get rid of mine though, its one of the best mics I own.
  26. I've seen people pair an iCON M+ on the side, alongside their CL12 as their main control surface. So I'm fairly certain you can mismatch controllers with an 8 Series, just not sure exactly what combos are ok and what hidden quirks exist.
  27. I agree. Everything works smoothly until that day you are working in freezing conditions (which drastically reduce battery life) and the accommodation you're staying in gets a power cut (or an idiot PA unplugs your charger to make midnight coffee, or any of a million other reasons), then you'll be super glad you've got two or three more eSmart batteries than you ever thought you'd need!
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