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  2. Hi Derek, Now that you added amplification, I agree totally. Just make sure it is a high overload amplifier, i.e., pretty high current (power). It's not even necessary to use RG-8X (though it is the best of the .250" cables). Good ol' RG-58 will work fine, if you balance the amp gain and cable loss. Best Regards, Larry Fisher p.s. If the amp manufacturer or amplified antenna manufacturer doesn't spec third order intermod values, it's probably a poor choice.
  3. Peter Mega


    Hi I’ve sent Sound Devices a feature request. I thought I’d describe the feature here as well in case 8 series owners are interested and keen to see this feature. I've requested a copy and paste feature like large consoles have. Mainly for EQ but also good for compression and possibly noise assist. An example that came up recently was a day with insane cicadas. EQ notched out most of the cicada noise however going through the EQ process for every channel was time consuming. Copy and paste from 1 channel to the others would be superb. Thanks and regards
  4. That’s why my vote is for RG8X. Anything thicker is a bear to wrangle and arguably unsafe to lay down on a busy set unless you tape the crap out of it. You can deploy RG8x quickly and a good amplified antenna will overcome the loss for 120+ feet and it will work. If you need a lot more length than that then I would look for different advice. Maybe optical conversion? Don’t know?
  5. RG8. Worked great, but affordable=stiff, not a great thing for days with a lot of moving around.
  6. Cable loss is inversely proportional to cable diameter. RG8X is a smallish cable (.250" similar to RG-58) and will be relatively high loss over long runs. Don't confuse RG-8X with RG-8, which is a .400" cable with less loss over long runs. There are other .400" inch cables that are more flexible and have foamed dielectrics for a little less loss, emphasis on little. Google a cable loss table and figure out what kind of losses you can stand and make your choice. There rarely is a free lunch at the RF table. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  7. I have not been in contact with (Dave) OST in a few years, but customer service was stellar, though it was all via email. A response was usually within hours.. or less.
  8. Contact the manufacturer. They're pretty responsive via email. I have several TL-40s and didn't notice higher self noise. They do have a hotter signal the the COS 11.
  9. Wasn’t this already posted? RG8X would be my choice for a long run assuming you’re using a powered antenna.
  10. If there is one coming - and I expect there is eventually - it hasn't passed FCC testing yet. I don't see any new Lectrosonics authorizations in the FCC ID database (https://www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid) since January 2019, except for the 940MHz variants and the DPR/DPRA.
  11. I attended also. It was very well done and informative.
  12. Hello everybody! What are you using as a coax cables for long runs? It will be used with a Wisycom LFA and BSRF AS122 distro. I am searching something flexible so i can use it on a drum roll. My sound shop is using Aircell7 usually and i heard about Lmr240Uf. (Slightly more loss at 500mhz but thinner). Thoughts?
  13. And a fine dream it is! And you're doing the best you can to your knowledge and equpiments' capabilities. It's their equipment that's not doing what they want, in my opinion. If post wants you to use a specific mixer for this particular reason, then opt for the post company or even production company to rent one for you. But I can't imagine that's going to be worth it for anyone.
  14. Just want to revive this thread. Any news on how these units are functioning? Any news about an smqv sized digital transmitter would also be great!
  15. I really enjoyed listening to this yesterday, thanks for doing this!
  16. Yesterday, along with Chris Howland and the LA Sound Mixers, I hosted a seminar called The Unscripted Sound. In it, we discussed what goes into recording audio for reality tv shows, and the differences between scripted and unscripted mixing. You can watch the recording of it here (even without a facebook account): https://www.facebook.com/LASoundMixers/videos/886368908570884/ And of course, you all know I love talking all things audio. If anyone has any questions, or want to talk one on one, please reach out and we can discuss it further! Thanks!
  17. Last week
  18. You could get a Zoom F6 for less: https://www.thomann.de/gb/zoom_f6.htm But either would be a good choice. A quick overview at the difference between Gen1 and Gen2 of MixPre3 are: gains USB mirrorring, internal TC generator, and access to newer plugins for purchase (NoiseAssist). For your purposes, it probably wouldn't be a big deal if you got the older Gen1 instead. You can either: 1) connect the GH5S HDMI to the MixPre3 to keep them on the same time *OR* 2) attached a Tentacle Syc E (or Ultrasync ONE, etc) to the GH5S (and to the MixPre3 too, if you get a Gen1)
  19. The Filmtech LSP4 was my first mixer and indeed sounded great with a few advanced (for its time) options such as the linear fader module. Doesn't it have direct outs on the 4 channel inputs? maybe unbalanced? Martyn of Filmtech now runs the Soundkit.co.uk dealership here in Cardiff, Wales. I found this 302 for sale at a reasonable price on BBlist .. for what it's worth. https://www.bblist.co.uk/item.php?item=75331
  20. I have a FilmTech LSP4 that has been sitting unused since integrated mixer/recorders came into being. If that spikes your interest DM me. It is large-ish and doesn't have a recorder. It's a 4 channel mixer with phantom (even T-power!). Quiet preamps x 4. XLR inputs with phantom power. Low risk of sudden death (e.g. from ancient electronics) -- it's not that ancient -- depends on your age I suppose. Great portability. Line-level out. Shipping costs to Paris alone might kill this "just a preamp" idea if not some of your other criteria.
  21. I tried to buy that Sound Devices 302 for €200, plus another one for slightly more, but I was too late for one and the other seller flaked out. Used Zoom F4s and MixPre-3s are thin on the ground here. Haven’t seen any. I could buy a new MixPre-3 (the discontinued model) for €530. More than I really wanted to spend but maybe worth it? New MixPre-3 IIs are about €800 by comparison – more than I can spend (remember, I have no professional aspirations). Would anyone explain the practical timecode differences between the -3 and -3 II? For reference, I have a Pana
  22. Trey

    XLR Protector

    Oh nice! Definitely more options for sure!
  23. All three. You still need to know your RF for them to work properly, but they perform phenomenally, sound fantastic, and are built like tanks.
  24. I have a couple of TL40s. It has a flatter frequency response compacted to the COS-11, Trams or other OSTs. I never noticed an objectionable self noise, but my old ears have been subject to many high SPL environments (FOH mixer). I don't know if OST states the self noise specs for the TL40.
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