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  2. This is an old one but wanted to find out an opinion as I am about to purchase some longer antenna cables. I currently have 15 foot low loss cables just to get high on a stand like a C stand in front of my cart etc. but would like to get 25 or 50 foot cBles made for the same reasons mentioned above. Is 50 foot a common maximum length still getting decent results or should I go with 25 foot to be on the safer side? Was leaning towards the bulkier belden 9913 cable larry mentioned
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  4. Haha! A heated argument! That's rich. Those folks should not be allowed in public, they are dangerous. I would probably want to commit suicide it I accidentally killed a pedestrian. I can't even stand thinking about the bugs I used to kill as a small child.
  5. I don't get it. iXML is plain XML, but since the entry needs 4 digits, an i is added to make it 'intelligent'... Ripping it from a BWF file and saving it as XML is quite simple. For adding metadata, does FCP support XMP? If so, that is not too hard to implement either.
  6. As Seabrook points out, Renault worked with IRCAM's Perception and Sound Design group. Poke around here and you can find some of their published research on EV sounds: https://www.ircam.fr/recherche/equipes-recherche/pds/ In one of my future lives, I'm going to work at IRCAM...
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  8. I love that sound. I was annoyed at first when there was talk of a legal requirement to fit electric cars with noisemakers, but Renault certainly solved this in a very pleasant manner. I still maintain that people should look before crossing a street instead of listening, but some people don’t agree. I‘ve had heated discussions on this topic, which I find really weird. But I digress…
  9. i would expect to join shield and pin 1. if the 12v is using the black ground wire, that should go to pin 1 as well.
  10. There are lots of "boxes" that will convert AES to Dante. Those won't integrate you 833 into the network but it will allow you to use it as a Dante bit bucket. Without going to the manual, how does the 833 do AES inputs? On the 788T, there is a DSub15 that allows 8 channels of AES input. I never use my 788T on my Dante network (no real need). But if you wanted to get Dante to AES, the Focusrite RedNet D16R MkII, or something like it might work. 16-channels of AES I/O to/from Dante. https://pro.focusrite.com/category/audiooverip/item/rednet-d16r-mkii D.
  11. I have the same question. Do i solder the 3,5 jack sleeve to line-, ground or both?
  12. Same as Vincent, I do not see any way to export bEXT nor iXML. It seems so for FCPX. Thank you Henri and Vincent for your help. Henri your link is a full insight of the implementation of the iXML protocol. It confirms iXML is indeed just a protocol, there is no such thing as iXML file. Only XML that could probably embed/convey all iXML metadata like the soft Vincent tried and demonstrated. I am installing it right now, that could be a solution. Ok unfortunately it wont run on my PC, but after reading their webpage, on paper it does seem like BWF meta edit is a solution, limited but a solution, if the editor has it on his machine too. Theoretically, after writing my sound report on Wave Agent I could export the core iXML in a XML from an audio file and the editor could import these metadata to his same file. Unfortunately it does not seem to do it in batch, so doing it one by one will take longer than upload and download the files again. Something to explore then.
  13. There is a Sonifex until that will convert AES to Dante.
  14. Hey All, This isn't for a specific gig, just thinking generally and wondering if anyone else has cool setup for this. Has anyone tried implementing there 833 into Dante networks, perhaps with AES to Dante converters? I bought my 833 with XL-AES about 8 months ago, and now I'm recently discovering Dante, and I'm sad that the 833 doesn't natively link with it. Anyone got any cool ideas?
  15. I only see the option in WaveAgent to export it to PDF or CSV; No iXML.
  16. Such an interesting field. I tend to hear a Renault Zoe very clearly, they have a very distinct hum to them, I think it's a major seven chord humming. Very effective. And thank you for the podcast recommendation, have to check it out
  17. It has for me, although the results are more clearly audible with conventional music.
  18. This concept of upmixing is still something i am trying to completely wrap my head around, but all of sites i am reading and seeing demos of halo upmix etc seem to be referring to upmixing stereo music mixes. Do the same principles apply to stereo ambience field recordings when it comes to upmixing stereo material into multichannel projects?
  19. Sound Devices WaveAgent can read/edit/export bEXT and iXML data from BWF very easily. ('Gotta ask, people are still using Final Cut?)
  20. YESSSSSS!! This podcast is just great. I'm working up from ep 1, I'm on ep 131. It's just glorious to hear other folks who are crazy about sound.
  21. Here's how the Facebook/Meta bot responds to the question. We're not quite there yet, imo. The bot's responses are in the white bubbles, btw... https://blenderbot.ai/chat
  22. Branching off of the quote from the linked article: " Electric vehicles offer a vast new stage for sound designers, both inside and outside the vehicles. " The following 1 minute You Tube highlight is from this: https://www.podcastone.com/episode/Twenty-Thousand-Hertz-Host-Nerds-Out-on-All-Things-Audio-With-Oxford-Roads-VP-of-Creative-Services " Dallas Taylor is the host and creator of Twenty Thousand Hertz, a lovingly crafted podcast revealing the stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds. https://www.20k.org/about Dallas is also the Creative Director of Defacto Sound, where he has led thousands of high-profile sound design projects—from blockbuster trailers and advertising campaigns, to major television series and Sundance award-winning films. Additionally, Dallas is a TED Mainstage Speaker, a regular contributor to major publications, and a respected thought leader on the narrative power of sound. For more, visit dallastaylor.com. "
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  24. I had the same thought actually ... at the very least, it seemed like whoever asked it wasn't a working production sound mixer.
  25. Now that you mention the font size of that OP message is awfully suspicious! hopfully not fanning bot flames but on this subject i know it has been mentioned before but for the wife n i - subtitles are becoming the norm, if only to confirm what we think we hear
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