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  2. For me I would have to say the Nova. Such a beautiful little beast. Once work picks up again I’d love to add a second 414. The ZMT-ph still makes me smile. So light and not having any cables to the bag is so freeing. Except for the days that you can’t remember where you just put your boom.
  3. Going slightly insane in quarantine... spending too much time not working... strange, still feel a compulsion to geek out on sound equipment. So I'd love to know everyone consider's their the coolest piece of sound equipment that they own? Could be a mic, mixer, a Zaxcom Nova, whatever! Just would love to hear different peoples prized possessions!
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  5. Re: NZ Holiday You will be be put on two weeks isolation no questions No takeaway or food delivery but you will get free hotel and food Enjoy the view of the car park! mike
  6. Thanks for doing this David. For anyone who is considering getting a greyhound, do it. I didn’t want another dog but my wife did. I’m more of a cat person. Greyhounds are giant cat dogs. They are not like other dogs. So glad I let my wife talking me into getting a grey 4 years ago. We try to foster a couple each year. I would of kept a couple of the fosters but our boy is a bit of a loner and only tolerates the fosters for so long. This Is our boy Victor doing what he does best. We live in a small apartment and despite his size he is the perfect apartment dog. Cheers Nate
  7. “ It will also work in a kitchen, a living room, a hallway, a bathroom, outside, inside and in a car, even in the dark or sunlight.” I’m disappointed. I was expecting a nice Dr. Seuss rhyme. David
  8. Yes that mic will work in a bedroom. It will also work in a kitchen, a living room, a hallway, a bathroom, outside, inside and in a car, even in the dark or sunlight. The only place it may not work is underwater.
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  10. As with Sound Devices products in general, I'm sure they are high quality. Kudos to the SD folks.
  11. In this time of crisis, people are stepping up: https://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/news-makers/sound-devices-face-shields-covid19
  12. Very clever and nice setup !
  13. Screen Grabs from "Feel This Moment" Pitbull fet. by Christina Aguilera at 1:10 into the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jlI4uzZGjU He deadened the room. No idea if this was used for the video or for actual recorded bits, you get the idea. I really like the RE20.
  14. We used this very technique about 10 years ago for a couple seasons of "Swift Justice With Nancy Grace", however we used a Countryman B6, which fits quite nicely under a button, and we pointed the element down to minimize air blasts. We secured the mic under the button using "Joe's Sticky Stuff". Given her outfit (at the time it was similar to the blue Delta flight attendant outfits with the "vests" that they used to wear) and the fact that they continued to heavy starch her shirt, it was the only thing we could come up with that worked. Tom
  15. Hi, +1 for above comments PS. If you don't have money to buy better microphone or acoustical treatments, then fill the room with staff, especially blankents etc. This will destroy early reflections, don't wait to be like pro studio. Search on Google (or your preferred search enginee) about pro voice over people how they make her/his own way. 🙂
  16. I use my M2D2 with my ORTF setup (a pair of mkh8090 mics) which has a 5 pin connector on the Rycote handle. I got a low profile 2x mini-XLR running from M2D2 into a small hole I did in internal fabric through the pen compartment and to the Rycote. Then a low profile or right angle USB C cable goes into other compartment where it connects to the Camera to Ligthing adapter and to the iPhone. My HD25 cans have a right angle connector as well. So everything is highly accessible and easy to use with no stress on the cables.
  17. Yeah, might not be the best technique for narrative productions, unless you are using something like a black lav on a black shirt, etc. I'd say its really more of a technique I employ on documentary productions. Sometime its the best option, sometimes it isn't. Just have to use common sense and your best judgment to when it is appropriate.
  18. Maybe also consider a 702T? Could be used as a backup recorder for a mix and can take AES in. Always found their meters to be really reliable and a great visual indicator. Also I reckon now days you might be able to get one cheaper than a 302.
  19. I agree the 302 would be a more sleek solution. However, I have since pulled out my 442 and forgot how much resolution there is from 0/-20 - +20/0 . I might give it a whirl in my garage.
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  21. More extra channels and deeper routing possibilities, vs much heavier, more DC. The meter on the 302 isn't a lot smaller than that of the 442. The only reason I would not want to wire the 302 into a cart is that it is so handy to have around loose!
  22. Preferably pretty bright. I'd like to use them in sunlight and on stage. This thread has actually go me thinking about pulling my 442 out of the closet and putting it up there. Totally didn't think about that.
  23. I would go with the Panasonic DMW-XLR1. It is cheaper than the mixpre 3. It also provides the phantom power, and it is on the hot shoe but not individually.
  24. Ya, I was thinking a used SD 302 or maybe a MixPre-D (the model before the current generation). The 302 offers Peak, VU, Peak Hold, and a couple combos. There are four or so settings. On the brightest setting, those LEDs will burn a hole in your corneas. 😉 But you'll be able to read them in sunlight. You adjust the brightnes through the little * button under the left end of the meters. (As you probably recall). Also, the LED dance when you power off still impresses people. Trey, you mention bright. How bright do you need? Dorrough meters are totally cool, but I've only seen them inside; not sure how bright they get. Same with iPads (at least, my older one isn't great in the sun). Do you need something bright enough for sunlight or shaded sunlight? Is that an issue for you?
  25. I used to feed audio into the return of an SD 302 mixer, and use its meters, esp with my PSC M6 (which had very NON-daylight or dark-room readable meters). I also got a couple more mic pres that way too. Great Dorrough-esque meters.
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