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  2. Wow, that's quite an open ended question. I am using a bunch of 110v SG300 POE switches. But my rig is not anything like a mixer might use for location sound recording. I record music so my rig revolves around 32-track 24/96 recorders, preamps, large desks, producer station, cue mixes, monitor desk, video feeds, etc. If you are looking for a good starting setup, you should read the Yamaha documentation listed above and I highly recommend taking the Dante training provided by Audinate, at east the first two levels. That should get you started. Dante is act
  3. Don't have any of the SD mixers anymore, but thought it might be interesting to throw in a Zaxcom Nova to the mix, even though I may be wrong but I believe its NR is more of a noise gate than the Cedar and SD style real time NR plugins. NR-3_Nova.wav NR-6_Nova.wav NR-9_Nova.wav NR-20_Nova.wav
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  5. Hi Douglas Im about to do my wireless Dante build With lectro venues and Scorpio Are you using the Cisco sg300-10 12v non Poe switch? if so what parameters did you need to configure? Or did it work ok out of the box
  6. Thanks Frederick, I've very grateful that you've submitted these. I've uploaded the difference in the conditioned recording and the original signal from the Ceder files. I would prefer that you, Constantin, NOT comment nor state you opinion on this test, as you have already publicly and unsolicitedly expressed "I am not interested in this particular test". And to be clear, I am not seeking an indication of your interests nor opinion on the matter. And I would prefer that this contribution remain constructive, uphold the author's topic, and serve only those participants in our
  7. I would love to hear how the NoiseAssist sounds and performs, maybe you have the time to help out? I've started a new thread where I have uploaded a couple of sound bites that I've processed through a Ceder DNS2. Let's compare it with the NoiseAssist and Cedar sdnx plug-ins! 🙂 Cheers Frederick
  8. Hi I'm using a Cedar DNS2 noise reduction unit whenever I have the need for it in the field. It would be interesting to compare it with other real-time algorithms like the Sound Devices NoiseAssist and Cedar sdnx plug-ins. And if there are other solutions available, why not compare them as well. I've recorded a couple of sound bites with my shotgun mic and processed them through the Cedar DNS2. If anyone on the forum can run the same unprocessed sound bites through a MixPre-10 using NoiseAssist set to the same amount of noise reduction, that woul
  9. Hi everyone! Was wondering if anyone experienced a similar thing. I had a shoot with a newly bought 833, wired 8060 directly to mic1 with phantom on obviously (and set to 48v). After about hour of shooting, the signal gets reeeally crunchy and distorted, i talk to the producer and switch to wireless MCR54 via AES on input 1. Everything is fine again. Since then, the 8060 just won't work on input 1 anymore! It sounds fine first, but after around 20min, the same thing happens. Until all i get is just a distorted mess. I don't have that pro
  10. judging by the teaser photo currently on Instagram, it looks like a pair of transmitters.
  11. Its not correctable. As I tell my production crews, you can use noise reduction, but I require a mirror track without.
  12. SUCH A GOOD ARTICLE. It made my day. D.
  13. I think this is all normal for emerging markets. The guys who work cheap are busy and the others are angry. I have seen this forever in the freelance market. I spent 20 years in the Austin Texas market from 1986. I try to not even think about these things, work comes my way then great. It does seem that up and down of the freelance market is something that has no logic to it.
  14. Measure the resistance between the center pin of the antenna's BNC (or SMA) connector and the connector shell with a multimeter. If you don't have one, you can buy cheap multimeters for for $11 and up on Amazon. Everyone needs a multimeter. The reading will be several Ohms (lead resistance) if it is a short or very high reading (greater than 10,000 Ohms) if it is open. Multimeters measure DC resistance which is what an antenna bias supply is. If the reading is greater than a thousand Ohms, the antenna won't short the bias supply. This measurement is not the antenna impedance (unive
  15. Thank you Larry.how can i get this info?only by the manufacter?
  16. You are right about that, Lectrosonics states a dynamic range of 110dB for their D2-system, which indicates more dynamics than 16 bit can transfer. Thanks for pointing that out, it looks like a good system too. It's well worth trying out in the field and the latest version looks really interesting - the Sony DWR S03D receiver and DWT B03 belt pack which is smaller than DWT B01. More functions, LEMO input, the choice of different codecs and thus even less latency and a smaller and easier-to-hide belt pack that is water-proof. I would love to put my hands on it! :-)
  17. Speaking of tumbleweeds and wagons: https://riverearth.com/tumbleweed-connection/
  18. That may be true, but in the case of Lectrosonics the dynamic range exceeds that of 16-bit, so it must be more than that. Of course, that doesn’t mean no compression is going on, but I also seem to remember that Karl Winkler once stated that their digital range does indeed transmit at 24/48, but they are not advertising that fact. Nevertheless, what you say about the Sony system sounds quite interesting and I would really like to try it one day
  19. Hi everybody I would just like to express my deepest admiration for the sound crews working on the "Real Housewives" TV-series around US. Great work! Whenever my girlfriend watches those shows, I'm get the chills thinking about where and how the lav mics are hidden, and they are always very well hidden and sound great. We all know how difficult it can be to properly hide a lav mic and make it sound good - then add tight evening dresses showing a lot of skin and made of synthetic fabric, tons of hair-spray and make-up, table-flipping divas and tight schedule
  20. I'm sorry that such a small market is divisive instead of supportive, but I guess I kind of understand. I'm also in a relatively busy but small market. I hope it gets bigger and better and you get more sweet features.
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  22. John, my basic travel cover.
  23. If you set it wrong is it correctable in post? Not sure if it's non-destructive or not.
  24. And in these times, it's up to us freelancers to not sell our services or rental equipment too cheap. The production companies still have money, so does the clients. It the Average Joes that don't have any money or jobs right now. And when there are no productions jobs, we don't cost a dime for the TV-stations, production companies or film studios. And whenever they need us, we are there to help out. Basically 24/7 - with or without equipment. That kind of service still cost, even in dire times. And we should not sell ourselves cheap
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