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  1. Oh actually you're right.... I forgot about that. I think it needs to be powered separately though, so maybe all I need is some kind of power supply for it. Gotta figure out what I can use for that. Actually I looked in the manual and it says: Using the built in microphone is only possible when working at mic levels with plugin power switched on at camera side. I'm not sure it would work in a situation like this
  2. As of right now, I'm syncing all my audio the ARRI Alexa Classic with the time code boxes by Tentacle, which works perfect. Just wondering in conjunction with this, I could possibly get a crappy little scratch audio track into camera as I still get this requested by the editor. I've sent wireless audio to camera with a hop before and that works great, but I'm also trying to think of a way to get a tiny little mic on camera, but bring it to line level to that the Alexa can actually record it. I have an MM-1 but that's still bigger than I'm hoping to go. If anyone knows of a cheap little preamp, doesn't have to be professional, just something that would work temporarily for a shoot as a simple backup. The mic will be either a simple 3.5mm TRS mic like a Rode Video Mic or a little audio tecnica condenser mic (happy to use either). I already have the 3pin xlr to 5pin splitter cable as well. So I think I'll I'm missing from this equation is a small compact battery powered preamp... if one even exists:) Thanks for any ideas!!