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  1. Hey Constantin, Thanks for such an awesome reply. Sound guys represent! We were also shooting with an FS7, scratch track was just fine on that camera, it definitely wasn't the 411a, but I just hate finding an issue and not having a solution for it. I do feel like it's on the camera end, and most likely something with the Weapon's internal settings. 99.9% sure it was actual time-code signal embedded on the scratch track though which is just really odd. You're also right, scratch track is more a personal preference and really isn't needed especially when TC is sync'd, but for the future I'm always interested in finding a workaround just so everyone can be happy.
  2. Hey Friends, First post here. Just have a quick question regarding an audio issue on the Red Weapon 8K camera. Got an email this morning from the DP saying there's weird signal noise over the scratch track on the footage. We were shooting 23.98, I jammed with a Denecke lockit and was using a Sound Device 788t recorder for the project. I had 1 UCR411a hop on the Red sending a mono-feed/scratch-track to Ch-1 and was sending mic level to the camera. Basically what it sounds like is that the Timecode signal itself was being ingested into the audio/scratch track. I'm wondering if this is an internal setting on the Red Weapon 8K, or if anyone has experienced anything like this before? TC was sync'd so post can pull my ISO's and overlay just fine, but I'm working with the same Red Weapon 8K again this week and would love to find a reason for this audio issue, and hopefully a fix. Could it be a potential firmware issue with the Camera? I'm going to read the manual today and see if there's any internal settings that might have caused this. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Evan
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