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  1. Obviously was a mistake to phrase question as I did. I am in no way trying to take jobs away from professionals, I am starting out in the industry (looking to get into sound for work), but also like to do creative work on the side. I'm sorry I don't have the resources to hire or use professional sound recordists. I am simply trying to explain what I would need my equipment for. I don't see what's wrong with being both sound recordist and filmmaker, plenty of projects (documentaries and ultra low budget narrative have as much). At this point its probably not even worth trying, and I do understand this is a little simple and mundane question to bring to professionals when there is so much info out there already, but that is exactly why I came here. I assume both of you were at one point buying your first wireless system, I assume you didn't become professionals overnight. Anyways, I apologize for implying that I do not need professional sound recordists and that I can do it all myself, because that isn't at all what I meant (if anything I am someone interested in sound who also likes to tell stories, I hope that's not off limits).
  2. I'm an independent filmmaker and often do my own sound. I mostly work on narrative films so I am looking to buy a wireless lav system so I can monitor talent behind the camera. My budget is under 1000$ and I understand that is never going to be enough to get professional quality audio but its all I have for now. My question is which system would you recommend for ease of use and quality. The main 3 I have been looking at is the Sennheiser g4, Sony uwp-d11, and potentially the new Deity Connect which I was pretty set on buying but now am on the fence. Also just to note, I know that you can get better systems used if I look hard enough but honestly I don't feel that confident in making surer they are fully functional and like the warranty that comes with new gear if I'm spending so much. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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