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    1st AD, UPM, Line Producer 30 years experience in scripted production of features and high end corporate programming
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  1. It’s July 2021 and I just discovered this thread. I post this as a warning to anybody who might Google his name. I phone interviewed for a 1st AD position with “Herb Linsey”. He told me initially this was a passion project being made at minimum wage with an experienced director. I told him I’d consider it if the team was fun and the project interesting and doable. I have over 30 years experience in the business as an AD as well as UPM. He sent me the script which was decent but definitely not a simple project. There were too many red flags for me to buy on to this minimum wage bullshit. His phone number had no caller ID, he wouldn’t tell me anything about the rest of the team especially the name of the Director. Admitted that he was having challenges hiring an art director to work for a minimum wage. (The monster genre script needs an experienced art team). In this time of Covid and other safety concerns, he didn’t mention any precautions whatsoever until I brought it to his attention. There was so little information provided this thing reeked of inappropriateness behaviors specifically taking advantage of crew looking for their first feature gigs or those trying to build credits. Take the above comments as well as my own into account as you meet with this man. David J
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