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  1. Eric and Rado, thanks for the info guys. I think I will just go with the G3's and EMW until I get more experience. BTW Rado, SOrry for not picking up your 744T after all. I had an unexpected expense that wiped out my funds for a few weeks. I had seen that you already sold it though....drats! I missed out. ;(
  2. I'm hoping to stay under $800 for a transmitter/receiver setup. So, I'm stuck searching the net for a great deal on some used Lectros. I'd like to spend more but I can't justify the expense to the type of gigs I'm doing just yet. But, like Rado had mentioned previously, I just might spring for some G3's for now. I'm just hoping I can get lucky on someone dumping some decent Lectros for cheap. ;-)
  3. Ok, I'm still a newbie and I'm lost when it comes to which Lectro system to buy. I'm looking for something used/ebay'ish since that is all I can afford right now. I've seen a lot of great deals for used equipment but I'm not sure which system is right for my application. I've been doing location sound work for my friends Indy films and I'm currently using an Edirol-R44 as my primary recorder. I've been getting by using my Sennheiser G1's but I'm embarrassed busting them out the more I learn about sound. So, can you guys please give me some insight as to which Lectro system to buy for a beginner type setup? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
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