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  1. Hi James, we tried both versions and gave the slate to a lot of different clapper / loader. The first reaction when they saw it was the same like yours but once they tried it they loved it. With the vertical handle you gain a lot more control. Have you tried it, yet?
  2. Hi everybody, as promised: You talk, we listen. We manufactured a free of charge upgrade kit for the ACN-LS to enable for one handed operation and add customizable friction to the sticks. The hardware mod will be done or organized by your local dealer. It is only a 5-10 minutes operation and the kits are either already at your local dealer or on their way. All ACN-LS slates sold now, are of course already equipped with the upgrade. Please watch the quick and dirty video to learn about the details: http://vimeo.com/98522035 Thank you Timo
  3. Hi everybody, as promised: You talk, we listen. We manufactured a free of charge upgrade kit for the ACN-LS. The hardware mod will be done or organized by your local dealer. It is only a 5-10 minutes operation. All ACN-LS slates sold now, are of course already equipped with the upgrade. The kits are either already at your local dealer or on their way. Please watch the quick and dirty video to learn about the details: http://vimeo.com/98522035 Thank you Timo
  4. Jeff, We will publish or own mods very soon. Eric, Awesome mods! I love your handle! I'll be back with some news. Cheers Timo
  5. A boom pole love letter From a single carbon fiber string to one of the most used booms in the world Twenty five years ago, two production sound professionals working as boom operators and sound mixers decided to share their knowledge and gear. (Günter Knon & Chris Price) With their collective wealth of field experience, they set out to design better versions of the equipment they used starting with their boom poles. 

Applying great attention to detail, especially boom stiffness, handling noise and durability, they proceeded to implement their improvements. A short time later, the design was finalized and went into production, immediately becoming very popular. Since that time a lot has improved, but not the idea that every detail matters.
 For the first time in 25 year history, we would like to offer a look behind the scenes, and proudly show you how an Ambient pole is produced today: Video "Manufacturing the Quickpole" Read the complete love letter. Incl. a description of the details, leading to the final products, how we produce the individual parts, and why we decided to go for four seperate boom pole series and what seperates them, ... . Step by step explanation of "Manufacturing the Quickpole" TC 0:06 From a rack with dozens of carbon coils, single fibers are pulled into the production line. TC 0:12 All strings are pulled through an epoxy basin over a steel bar to take off the excess epoxy, and into the pulltrusion assembly line. This proprietary and confidential machine now weaves, extrudes and bakes the fibers simultaneously to form a perfect tube (Not in the video). TC 0:19 Aircraft aluminum blanks are pushed into the turning machine. TC 0:21 Here different metal parts of the booms are milled out of blanks with high precision by the fully automatic, new, state of the art machine. TC 0:38 Afterwards, the parts fall into a basin with water and special purifier to cool down and clean off microscopic particles. TC 0:46 Every single metal part is examined for tolerance and finished by hand. TC 0:48 Now, we are back in the carbon factory to show how QS tubes are made. The special grinding machine polishes the QS tubes after each carbon layer. TC 0:58 A new layer of carbon fiber is pressed onto a stainless steel bar and afterwards reeled up under high pressure by a special machine. Afterwards the pole with the new layer is baked and ground again. This process is repeated until all layers we designed are added and one tube is finished. TC 1:01 During the anodizing process the aluminum parts are cleaned in a huge acid bath and afterwards immersed into different anodizing basins. TC 1:20 To ensure the perfectly smooth action of the QS segments the quality control measures the tubes with a tolerance of only 5/100 mm. TC 1:24 The final assembly is done by hand in our small manufactory close to the German city of Passau.
  6. Hi Diego, thanks for that input, I wrote it on our list. To be honest, this is already a very long list as you can imagine... Thus depending on how time consuming the programming of this gadget would be, it might be implemented in a future update or it would have to wait until all major features are integrated. Cheers Timo
  7. Hi Nick and Ao, thanks so much for the constructive feedback. We are aware of these legitimate requests and are working on a solution as we speak. As Ao stated, the Slate is modular thus stands, handle and a clapstick with stronger magnet are easily attached afterwards. Of course we will ensure that no one of the first buyers will regret his quick decision. For the brightness, a night modus is on the list for the next firmware updates. Nick, good to hear you like the user interface as we worked long to make it as easy as the Lockit one. Cheers Timo Btw. I'd like to share a picture of the beautiful bag of Diego Casares who customized his Petrol 602
  8. P.S. Thanks for the input! Of course we do appreciate feedback from you
  9. There is, but in German so far. I could translate it rudimentary but I don't want to publish unfinished results, as these tend to pop up in other forums or discussions. I'm sorry.but I have to kindly ask for your patience. As our team is working hard with all their effort to get all these new products ready for our release in June I don't want to pull them away from their work to create something which isn't even completely perfect, yet. What I can tell you now is: The Tonmeister App is able to create slate based reports, clip based reports, soundminer exports, wave agent exports, global edl. We now can create editable xml files as well as pdfs. These reports can be send as mail or/ and are uploaded to the production cloud server, into folders with dedicated user rights. Thus no need to look for the right recipients for your reports anymore as new reports will automatically show up in their folders when they are published by you.
  10. John, I noted this down. There will be more boards coming out but i hope you understand thati don't want to go into details now. P.s. glad you like it!
  11. No the Tonmeister App is announced to be published in June
  12. Hi nick the app already exists. We integrated our ltc reader module into the free of charge Adobe prelude live logger app. An app exactly covering your needs. Cheers Timo
  13. The ACN is not WiFi but also a low profile proprietary network with a very small footprint allowing for better range and more reliability for metadata and commands. (Even in crowded 2.4Ghz areas like the NAB showfloor) The interaction with WiFi is very low. Additionally the ACN allows you to choose between 16 channels. This way you'll always find a slot to work with severall 2.4GHz systems. Be it WiFi, Bluetooth or Zaxnet. We are in good contact with Glenn and will sort out the possibilities we have with given hardware pretty soon.
  14. As the CL-WiFi meters are far away from accurate we decided not to implement them. But we implemented a clipping indicator. Do you think you'll need the meters?
  15. Of course you can. You just unscrew the four screws holding the clap stick slide out the module and slide it into the backlight version. It's a 30 seconds job and can even be done in a run and gun situation.
  16. I will create one today during the show and post it tonight. The sample reports i have right now are German. Nobody's offended actually i was hoping that somebody would share his experience with streaming boxes. The actual idea of integrating streaming into the apps was: Tonmeister app: To give the sound mixer a picture to show framing etc before the shot can be very helpful. LockitSCRIPT: What we learned from script and continuities we interviewed is that delay is not that big issue for them but offering an instant wireless access to the recorded proxys in your app with all the metadata ready for review and correction is something they were waiting for for a long time. Yes, the camera audio embedded into the SDI to your streaming box is included in the livestream and the proxies.
  17. Thanks Constantin Yes it's the same here and as you stated, the delay even differs within their product range. That's why i don't want to give any numbers we don't have control of with our gear.
  18. You don't need the Master Lockit for the livestream. You just type in the IP of your Vitec or Terradek box in your LockitSCRIPT or Tonmeister app and that's it
  19. P.S. Yes, the LockitSCRIPT as well as the Tonmeister apps offer a live view directly from the streamingbox. As you get the metadata etc. via Bluetooth WiFi for streaming connection is still available. Therefor the video delay is the standard WiFi streaming delay of the system you use. The ACN-ML additionally stores the Teradek and Vitec recordings as proxy files to its built-in memory, connects them with the metadata and makes them available for later review in the LockitSCRIPT app.
  20. The clap stick is screwed to the board with four screws and holds the diplay module in place. So, no normal drop will make them fall apart. By the way, we also added a simple board marker holder (and a board marker)... Please see the following video which explains the system. The only update to it is that the apps now are able to send reports and receive script and call sheet directly from the cloud. http://vimeo.com/74214120
  21. First of all we will publish the CAD of the Slate body. So everybody can build his own dream slate. To provide a working clap function with the hall sensor we offer two ready clap sticks. The standard clapper also included in the regular slate made out of POM with white colored inlays. ACN-LSC and an alternative maple clap stick with uncolored maple inlays ACN-LSCW a backlight body is already in development but not yet ready.
  22. ACN-LS Now Shipping! We added some new neat features: Back slate sensor: flips the tc display when the slate is turned upside down. Light sensor: automatically adjusts the LED brightness when activated. ACN clap time transmission via ACN Rugged, interchangeable polycarbonate board Backup Supercap: Holds the tc for more than 4 minutes without batteries Reads vari speed and reversed time code The good old facts: Highly accurate time code generator Extremely bright LED TC display Drift of less than 1 frame a day (~0,1ppm, 0,0ppm within ACN)) Supports all used frame rates Adjustable TC offset Generator buffered time code transceiver Full Ambient Clockit Network support OLED Display for configuration Conversion between LTC and MTC (via USB) RS232, USB and GP I/O Port Stand alone mode More than 2 days working time with only 4 AA batteries Machined, pearl blasted, anodized aluminum housing Dimensions display module: 210 x 65 x 27 mm Dimension with slate body: 280 x 215 x 33 mm Weight display module: 404 g Weight Slate: 1100g Prices: ACN-LS $ 1337 ACN-LD (display module only) $ 1202 Availability: Shipping starts now
  23. The Ambient Beetle (ACN-BT) The ACN-BT is a Bluetooth dongle that adds versatility to ACN-equipped Lockit devices and the Sound Devices 788T. When used with the 788T, it serves as an alternative to the CL-WiFi, and offers a very reliable wireless connection and low power consumption. When used with a Lockit device (ACL 204, ACN-TL, ACN-LS, ACN-ML), the Beetle enables wireless connectivity between the ACN and iOS devices. In more detail, the ACN Lockit collects and buffers time critical metadata with highly accurate timestamp, while the ACN-BT module transmits this non-time critically to the LockitScript app. The ACN-BT Beetle has a Binder connector, which enables use of different cables for connection to other devices. It has Bluetooth 4.0, or low energy (LE), which works immediately with all recent iOS devices consuming less energy. Thanks to the external antenna, range is comparable with WiFi while more robust. Price: $ 250 Availability: June 2014 The Ambient Tonmeister App The Tonmeisster app is a versatile sound report tool, and so much more. In addition the comprehensive sound report features, an optional CL-WiFi plug-in will be available for complete control of the Sound Devices 788T. Import scripts from Final Draft or Adobe Story Import call sheets via free LockitScript account Receive slate numbers from LockitScript app* Integrated Teradek and Vitec Video Livestream Comprehensive sound report including comments, tags, etc Name tracks by mic and actors from call sheet Export as pdf, XML, Soundminer Transmit scene, take, notes, and rec tc to LockitScript app* Optional CL-WiFi plug-in features: Arm and name tracks Remote record stop Track clipping indicator Route inputs, outputs, and headphones Display and meter brightness control Edit scene, take, add notes for upcoming and all recorded takes Automated clip list synchronization with LockitScript app* Works with CL-WiFi and ACN-BT *ACN-ML required Price: Host app free, CL-Wifi Integration $ 9.99 Availability: June 2014 The Ambient "Sound Fish" Hydrophone ASF-1 The ASF-1 is completely designed and manufactured by Ambient Recording in response all the requests for a professional-quality, yet affordable hydrophone designed specifically for use with standard audio gear. We exceeded our expectations. The result is an extremely natural sounding, low noise underwater microphone. Well, it took us nearly 3 years but finally we did it. »Crystal clear, low noise audio from infra- to ultrasound« With the development of the Ambient "Sound Fish" we focused on high audio quality with best handling. Therefore we designed a linear, low distortion microphone preamp offering a linear frequency response from 10Hz- 40kHz. »Works with standard 48V Phantom power« Following our idea to create an underwater microphone for professional sound recordists, we worked hard to build a hydrophone which can be fed directly from standard 48V Phantom power. Thus, this microphone works right out of the box with all professional audio gear using standard XLR connections. No adapters are required! »Waterproof up to 100m« The ASF-1 is machined out of high-quality, stainless steel (V4A) and can easily withstand the water pressure of 100m depth. Additionally, the cable material (specially formulated NBR, V4A polyurethane) was selected for its long term resistance against seawater corrosion. »Included 10m underwater cable with professional underwater connector« Within the purchased parts package we included a 10 meter underwater cable with sealed AHS V4a underwater connector. Thus, the AFS-1 can be used right out of the box without additional adapters or cables. Other cable lengths are available on request. Frequency response: 7Hz- 40kHz (-3dB) Polar Pattern: Omni directional THD: 0,1% (10Hz-40kHz) Dimensions:180mm x 25mm Max depth: 100m Housing material: V4A stainless steel Encapsulating material: Special formulated NBR Weight (without cable): 270g Power Supply: 48V Phantom Included detachable 10m underwater cable Special designed stainless steel AHS underwater connector Price: $ 1596 Availability: Estimated shipping June 2014
  24. We are very excited to announce six new products at NAB! In addition, we will show some updates to a few products we currently offer. Since the introduction of the ACL 204 at NAB 2011, we have doubled our software engineering resources, and partnered with some of the biggest companies in our industry like Arri, Adobe, Sound Devices, and more... to create the products we will now introduce to you. Finally, our hardware and software meet in the middle so we can offer a very powerful and comprehensive on-set metadata system – the Ambient Clockit Network. We invite every single one of you to our NAB booth #C544, where we look forward to giving you a detailed demonstration. We are bringing Ambient's largest NAB booth staff to date to best answer all your questions. We hope you will be as excited about these new products as we are! The Master Lockit ACN-ML The all new ACN-ML is the most powerful time code device we have ever built. It is a time code master, wireless video proxy server, and "On the Set" metadata synchronization hub. The ACN-ML Master Lockit is both the flagship and hub of the sophisticated Ambient Clockit Network System. It provides a rock solid, highly accurate, temperature compensating time code generator. With a powerful, new processor architecture, it delivers established ACN features like 0.0ppm drift (thanks to continous jam) as well as generator buffered time code transceiver mode, and more. »Built-In WiFi enables ACN communication between iPads« The built-in WiFi router enables iPads running LockitSCRIPT and Tonmeister apps to automatically sync all metadata. It serves as the metadata synchronization hub as it's onboard webserver collects and stores all metadata on the set. Meanwhile, iPads running LockitSCRIPT and Tonmeister apps maintain a local data backup. »ARRI ALEXA communication plus collection of critical metadata with most cameras« Ambient has partnered with ARRI to integrate ALEXA metadata protocol into the ACN-ML via ethernet. This enables the Master Lockit to provide the ALEXA with the driftless time code while the Master Lockit simultaneously collects metadata . In addition, it has built-in GP I/O and LANC ports, enabling the Master Lockit to collect record start / stop positions of most cameras, including Red, Blackmagic, and Panasonic. »Wireless video proxy distribution directly into the LockitSCRIPT app« Thanks to our partnership with Teradec and Vitec the ACN-ML can interface with their recorders, store up to 64GB of video, and distribute video proxys directly into the LockitSCRIPT app. These video clips are associated with the collected metadata. Now you can use the LockitSCRIPT app to reference actual video clips within associated takes and scenes, while accessing all data collected during that shot! WiFi routing for communication between LockitScript and Tonmeister apps Proxy streaming and recording with Terradeck or Vitec streaming boxes Collects and stores all ACN distributed metadata Forwards metadata to iOS devices via WiFi / Bluetooth LE Integrated webserver Reads and stores Arri Alexa metadata via ethernet Reads and stores rec start/stop tc of all cameras with GP I/O or Lanc Highly accurate Lockit time code generator Generator buffered time code transceiver Drift of less than 1 frame a day (~0,1ppm) No drift at all within the ACN Supports all used frame rates OLED Display readable even in brightest sunlight Adjustable time code output for recording TC on audio track Price: $ 1337 Availability: June 2014 The LockitSCRIPT app: The Ultimate Communication Tool for Motion Picture and Television Production The Ambient LockitScript iOS app is designed to quickly simplify, organize, and edit documentation for continuous communication through all departments on a production set, and continue communication through the post-production process. Designed for Script Supervisors in mind, has an easy to use intuitive communication tool developed in close cooperation with industry professionals to simplify, enhance, and automate every aspect of production communication. Features: Import and synchronize preps, schedules, and call sheets from Preproducer via a free-of-charge Ambient LockitScript account. Script import from common solutions as Final Draft or Adobe Story. Add comments, and mark off-dialogues with simple to learn gestures. Intuitive GUI with value-added tools including stop watch (editable), stage documentation, and integrated iPad camera function. Integrated Teradek and Vitec Video Livestream Split scenes and stops Comprehensive schedule reporting for all departments Customizable shortcuts and quick access documentation tools including: equipment in use (cameras, lenses, …), pre-sets and settings, often used take comments, etc. Multiple cameras with all used file counting models Creation of lined scripts with on and off passages and comment function Automatic generation of PDFs or editable Excel report sheets. The optional Ambient LockitSCRIPT* cloud-based production service is available for ALE and XML export files, instant delivery of customizable reports and exchange files directly to post production! Future (June) free of charge updates: Automatic time code and metadata integration over the Ambient Clockit Network (ACN) on production sets using ACN-equipped Ambient Lockits with the ACN-BT Bluetooth Dongle. Within the ACN clips are automatically created when a camera or 788T are in record Transmits the slate numbers to the Ambient Tonmeister App Video proxy distribution with Teradek and Vitec streaming systems in combination with the Ambient ACN Master Lockit. *Additional services like customized reports or ALEs are available at affordable daily rates. More details will be available soon. Price on appstore: $ 44.99 Availability: On iTunes store on 7th of April
  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaSzyfyrRJo&feature=player_detailpage
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