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  1. We have a winner! Congratulations to Bryan L. from Singapore. Facebook votes: 1. Martin L. 98 votes 2. Bryan L. 37 votes 3. Sergio S. 20 votes 4. Thomas A. 17 votes Ambient jury: 1. Bryan L. 2. Sergio S. 3. Thomas A. 4. Martin L. Combined Result 1. Bryan L. 4 points 2./3. Martin L. 5, Sergio S. 5 points 4. Thomas A. 7 points Thanks to all contestants. We received more beautiful designs than we would have ever imagined. The quality standard was so high that we will definitely use some of the designs for future merchandise and giveaways. If that happens we will of course contact the designer and he or she will get some cool stuff as appreciation. Even some designs which didn’t make it to our facebook page because of too local humour or inappropriate content made us lough a lot. So, we cannot thank you enough for joining in! But there can only be one winner to this contest: So, congratulation to Bryan L. from Singapore! You won the last of our 200 limited 20years special edition 204 Lockits! The t-shirts are already in the print and will be our NAB shirt 2014. We will raffle off the TinyMike today and announce the lucky winner! Look forward to seeing a lot of you on NAB #C544 . And this is our winner design:
  2. P.S. The contest is still open, so even if you're not on facebook send your design to newsletter@ambient.de .
  3. If you want to join and share your opinion on the recent designs please follow this LINK The folder will update automatically when new designs are uploaded to the contest. Just share your thoughts here and I count it as vote and you'll take part in the raffle! I know and they won't make it but some German shirts are quite fun, so I just posted them because people made up their minds and invested some time on them. Maybe we'll use them for Germany!
  4. Wow, Day 1 and already 6 beautiful designs and some more who told us already their ideas... It would be great if you take your vote at www.facebook.com/AmbientRecordingGmbH Cheers Timo
  5. Win the special edition Lockit #200 Submit your Ambient t-shirt design Since our last years t-shirt design found ambivalent reactions we now try a different attempt! The best design wins the last Anniversary Lockit and people who Like it on FB get raffled to win a Tinymike! So, if you own a beautiful, funny or cool and printable location sound picture, know the funniest sound mixer joke, are a passionate designer or drawer, or just have a brilliant idea for a shirt send it to us! »The best shirt wins!« The contest starts now and ends on the 23rd of March. We will share all promising designs during the contest on our facebook page. If you want to use Ambient product pics or logo please follow the link at the bottom of this mail. (This is not a must!) »Be part of the jury and win!« With your facebook likes or your comments here, you can vote for your favorite design. These votes will weigh in with 50% to those of the incorruptible and relentless Ambient jury in the final decision process. To see the designs not on facebook please follow this link »Vote for your favorite design and win a TinyMike!« We highly appreciate your opinion! Therefor we decided to raffle off a complete ATM 216 Set, plus fur windshield and all DSLR, XLR 48V Phantom and Lectrosonics cables. Thus you can use this high class mini shotgun on a small cam, in a standard setup with 48V Phantom power and as plant mike with your Lectrosonics transmitter. »And the lucky winners are...« We will present the winning design on the 24th of March on all our social media channels. The t-shirt will be our giveaway on NAB and IBC 2014 and of course on smaller shows during the year. Terms and conditions This is a fun campaign. Ambient Recording reserves the right to delete all designs from the contest they find inappropriate. Your shirt design has to arrive at newsletter@ambient.de until 23.59 CET on the 23rd of March 2014. Designs arriving later will not be taken into account consideration for the contest, no matter when they were send. All copyrights of the design and used graphics have to be owned by the participant. With the submission of the design you grant the company Ambient Recording GmbH a permanent permit to use, edit, alter, copy and publish the submitted design. Any attendee of the above described contest waives any claim against Ambient Recording GmbH concerning the above described design contest. Send us your design Ambient Recording logos Ambient product pictures
  6. Yepp, will be at NAB! If you need a guess pass please feel free to use our number LV9857 to get a free pass.
  7. As promised some sound examples... completely recorded with a TinyMike... No EQs or Dynamics have been used during shot or post. (Beside the jingle of course) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=TOgJ3j-vWdU
  8. Hi fieldmixer, Constantin, Sorry for the late answer I was sick the last five days. Today's the first day I'm feeling better again. We have two fixed pricelist. One in € one in $. While the Euro price list of course is our own currency and will always stay constant, the dollar list is based on a mixed calculation. Only when the exchange rate changes dramatically and stays that way for a really long period we will be forced to adapt the prices to the new situation. The prices were mentioned in the very first link I posted. It was not my intention to hide them but next time I will post them as text right away. Rich, the ATM216 works from 2.7V to 7V and thanks to the alumninum housing its better shielded than most lavs but I never tested it close to a Zaxcom. Dan, glad to hear you were happy with the Tiny Mike and Mix. At that time Ambient was a 4-5 people company. The TinyMix was actually quite complex to manufacture and didn't sell that good to invest in new production tools, so we decided to discontinue it. I'm sorry. Hi Sean, I was sick the last week and still am but I promise to record some examples as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay.
  9. The video was made for the prosumer market to showcase the mic in big showrooms and on Web. I will capture some examples and post them on Monday. True enough. The complete prosumer attitude is to try to capture professional material with consumer technology. What they don't understand is that they still need professional staff to get to that goal. Would it make a difference if a small company like ambient would discontinue a product which has been out there for ten years with all the Sennheisers, Shures and Rhodes out there? I don't know, but since we love the product a lot we decided to continue. Not yet... Would be a bit tricky though to mount the ate onto the atm. Bit i find no reasons why it shouldn't work. 473 $ for the dslr Kit 527 $ for the Phantom powered Kit You'll find the details behind the links in the first post. Diego, Yes that would work. The Tiny mike accepts up to 7V. We can send you a wiring diagram when you decide to try it.
  10. Marc, I waited for this! The Tiny Mike is a very good sounding, light weight alternative to a standard video mic. Still it's just a video mic. Even in combination with a small recorder underneath the cam it will never replace a sound guy. I decided to share it here because I know some jwsound members own a Tiny Mike and might be interested in the new accessories. Personally, I use the ATM 216 for my private videos because I was never satisfied with the built-in mics. Technical Data Polar pattern Hyper cardioid (mini shotgun) Axial-addressed Axial Frequency response +- 2 dB 20- 18000 Hz Sensitivity 17mV/ Pa Noise: Equivalent SPL rated at CCIR 33dB Max. SPL 1kOhm 128dB Dimensions Ø 12/ 8 mm x 140 mm Weight 30 g Most cameras own a low cut
  11. Please meet our new Tiny Mike Sets http://vimeo.com/84658414 Now including a Rycote InVision and our sophisticated QBS More information about the new sets can be found here in our newsletter, or here on our website...
  12. Hi Constantin, No, we also changed the German pricing. It's 22,50€ net. It was a miscalculation done automatically by our ERP system which not even our resellers found until this very thread. The QAPL, as said before, is within the purchased parts package of our internally cabled booms. It's a rather simple and robust piece so we very rarely sell it as spare part and it hasn't been published as single accessory, yet either. As we send out new pricelists this week the price will soon be changed. If want want to get one earlier please feel free to contact us directly. Cheers Timo
  13. John, the the diameter fully expanded is 31mm with the QAPL30 and 36mm with the QAPL but please keep in mind that the central screw fixes the XLR as well as the boom. So if you push it to the limit you'ld have to use a shim for the XLR. As the XLR clamp also holds the transmitter it might get wobbly, depending on the shim you use...
  14. P.s. Thanks John for not blaming the only dealer who had even this small accessory on their site. As said before it might take some time.
  15. Well, I just found out that we had a wrong price in our international sales price list. So please don't blame any dealer it's all our fault. We will send the new price out tomorrow but it's valid from today. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.
  16. P.S. for people who want to get the QAPL as accessory the netto listprice is 30,50$.
  17. The QAPL is already included in all cabling sets with side outlet. So if you get a cabled Ambient pole it will work immediately with a plug-on transmitter. Here quick snapshots with my cellphone with a HM to show that the distance is big enough for all plug-on transmitters out there...
  18. Hi Christian, Rean is a subdivision of Neutrik so no reason for suspiciousness. Hmm, strange. I would like to take a look at your cable. If you would send me your contact details to timo@ambient.de I will have yours replaced by Redding so we can take a look and sort out if it was just the "one in a million" or not... Ed, what we already offer for ages comparable to the KTA2 is the QAPL . I will post a picture later how it looks with a HM.
  19. Finally! It's been announced for a while and we are happy that we now are ready to release it: The MAC updater for Lockits and Tiny Lockits. Additionally we aligned the different firmwares so that one updater tool will work for all recent and upcoming network ready products. Obviously, it took us longer than we expected and we hope that the new features now also available for Mac users will compensate for the latency. Get your firmware 3.11 now and add powerful new features to your devices. Firmware download page http://vimeo.com/71959025
  20. Hi Bill, thanks for the feedback on availability and of course for using our gear. To be honest you are the first who reports that issues with the TA3 connector. Was it the cable or the connector? Cheers Timo
  21. Joq, we did not design a Sony version, yet based on the low demand for it. I'm sorry
  22. The UMP II: 355,05$ The unit is delivered with two cables. A TA3f-XLR3M and a TA3f (both 40cm) with open end to solder the right connector for your wireless to it.
  23. The VSLOT: 405$ Machined out of POM and aluminum and equipped with original male and female IDX V-Mount connectors to prevent a wobbling rig. The whole VSLOT only adds 4.8cm to the camera lengths to maintain the camera balance. Weight without receiver: 480g The included VSL-2X3 cable (as on the picture) TA5F-2x XLR3M is 20cm long and as thin as a professional shield allows it to be while the PE insulation takes care of the robustness.
  24. And now for the prices and pictures: The QWB: 140,40$ For rougher conditions we also offer a fitting rain cover with control window: QWB-RE 52,65$
  25. Thanks for your feedback John & J, it is highly appreciated. As said before, we are working on that at the moment but after all these years without distributor, where single "aluminum plates" had to be ordered and shipped directly from Germany it became far less attractive for resellers to sell these items. It might take some time to reinstall what was lost. But we are making good progress: We just shipped demo boom sets to five resellers chosen by Redding and a demo set of accessories will follow, soon. Thus you'll be able to touch feel and compare our products in all big shops from the next weeks on. More news on that will follow, soon. In the end we are very thankful that you care and support us with your feedback and of course just by using our gear!
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