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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, anyone using this software version in anger yet? - Am about to commence 5wk shoot on this version and would like to know any pitfalls? As a new 788 user (switch from Deva) - please can I ask a few stupid questions? My setup = 90% of the time I'm using an AD149 mixer on the cart. Analogue out to 788/CL8. 1) The CL8 is there for situations where I need to go hand held and be mobile. However, when the rig is on the cart - how do I bypass the CL8? - do I literally have to unplug it from the USB socket? there must be a menu option to disable it and have 788 act as a simple 8 input recorder? 2) how can I save and name 2/3 user setups - i.e. Over the Shoulder, Trolley/cart, other , .....etc and recall quickly? 3) I line up input trim on each 788 channel using line level tone @1K from desk - so the meters are hitting last green LED (-20dBFs i presume). To kill the record channel and avoid using up disk space, I need to dial the trim pot counter clockwise til it clicks off - and therefore lose my input setting - right? - how can I avoid this? I've tried the new software which says 'input enables only' but have had no joy, as once enabled, the channel is 'dead' and the 1K tone does not get routed to track ?? How do I maintain my trim position and kill the record track ? 4) In over shoulder mode, I'm using the CL8 to route mic channel 1 to Aux 1 Prefade. However, if I then route channel 2 to Aux 1POSTFADE - then channel 1 changes to POSTFADE too. It seems that each Aux is only capable of being either PRE or POST. They appear to be 'linked'. How do I 'unlink' them? thanks and apologies for stupidity.... Simon
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